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After investing the first 15 years of my older children’s lives as the traditional stay-at-home mom, I ventured out into the world of academia to complete a college degree that I had previously left behind to focus on raising my children. Eventually I earned an undergraduate degree in Ancient Languages and Biblical Studies, and a second undergraduate degree in Classical Studies and Philosophy. I then went on to complete a graduate degree in Medieval Theology and Church History which has been a life-long interest.

I currently work for a Christian university where I write curriculum for our Professional Programs Department, and I also have the privilege of teaching part-time in the area of Biblical studies and writing. I have been the Sr. Editor for our online Christian women’s magazine, Ruby for Women, since 2010 where I have been honored to work with many amazing writers, authors, and artists during the past four years.

My husband and I live in a small farm community in rural northern Indiana with our two youngest daughters, Gracie and Annie, who were both adopted from China. We have eight adult children between us and 26 grandchildren. We look forward to many future opportunities to welcome more grand-babies into our family!

My Etsy shops, along with my art projects and craft tutorials, offer unique designs for the DIY enthusiast or for anyone who likes my style and would like to wear garments that are one-of-a-kind, with a touch of the whimsical and just a little bit different.

Thank you so much for stopping by Vintage Mama’s Cottage. I hope you will find something to spark your interest and your creativity. And be sure to drop me a message, I would love to hear from you!

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Favorite Things: Blog Hopping

We’ve been so busy around here lately that our little corner of the bloggy world has been neglected. Unfortunately, it might be a while before we can get back to blogging regularly, but in the meantime, I hope you will join the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop at Katherine’s Corner. Even when I don’t have …

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Golden Owl Applique

Favorite Things: Autumn Crafts

It’s getting exciting around here! We’ve been working for weeks on getting the new little boutique set up and ready to open on Saturday. Every day is a new adventure as I get to choose which project to work on next – but, with all the business side of things taking up lots of time, …

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Favorite Things: Stitching up Bits and Pieces

I’m working on a few more of the patchwork sweater jackets that I’ve made for the past couple of winters. It is so much fun to go into the studio and start cutting up a bunch of stuff and then stitching it back together again! So, for right now, not much time for blogging. Between …

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I used to be Wonder Woman . . . .

Or so I thought. Apparently I was living in denial, or perhaps I was delusional, because it has become obvious that I am NOT Wonder Woman. At least not now. I might have been, once upon a time, but I’m beginning to doubt that fairy tale. But as I look around at all the young …

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Apple Pie Boutique LOGO

Favorite Things: Clueless 101

Yesterday I had an amazing opportunity to meet with a group of women entrepreneurs in Our Town. We get together once a month to encourage one another, as well as to learn business skills as we are all in the process of building our own small business. Our teacher and mentor is Christie Workman who …

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BLOG in Lightbulb

Favorite Things: Blogger Brain

If you are a blogger, you know what I mean! Everything that comes along in my daily journey offers opportunity for story-telling. Every conversation, each new encounter, all of the people and places, and especially all of the ideas that pop up as a result of just getting through a day. That’s a good thing …

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