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A Long and Winding Road

the_long_and_winding_road_by_theonlyraquelAs the late summer sun casts shadows that slant across the carpet of fallen leaves on the ground behind our house, I am confronted with the reality that autumn is almost upon us. In the mornings as we drive past the fields of corn and soybeans, and meander up and down the gentle rolling hills of northern Indiana, I realize the the sun is peeking above the horizon just a few minutes later than it did yesterday.

And in the afternoon, I can look out the window above my kitchen sink where the shadows grow longer, earlier than they did just last week. But there is still sunshine shimmering on the water in the puddles after it rains, the grass is still very summer-green, and the leaves have not yet taken on the brilliant hues of “real” autumn yet.

The other morning as we drove to school, an enormous brilliant scarlet sun hung just above the hilltops – I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sun quite so red nor quite so huge! “Red sun in the morning, sailors take warning!” I told the girls. That’s an old sailor’s myth, I said, but I wonder if it’s actually true? We had a few rain showers later that afternoon, but it didn’t seem to be a catastrophe. I am grateful for days that are peaceful, filled with the joys of each season, the special treasured moments of reflection in the sunlight or shadows.

Perhaps it is this time of year, or perhaps it is the day-to-day challenges that cause those moments of reflection . . . . where I am, where I have been, and perhaps most significantly, where I am going. Most days I have no idea where I’m going, even when I follow all of the assignments I have been given by my favorite “coach,” Christie Browning. She encourages me to plan out my strategies, set goals, manage my energy (“You can’t manage time, so don’t even try!”). And when I look around and realize that pretty much everything I planned a week ago still hasn’t been accomplished, it is tempting to get discouraged and contemplate giving up on the notion that I will ever reach my goals.

Somehow in those moments when I just want to give it all up and go take a nap (and watch one of my favorite movies which I really don’t have time to do very often!) I have discovered that if I take a deep breath and listen – really LISTEN – I can feel God’s Spirit reminding me of all that has happened in my life over the years, especially during those times when it seemed that “my” plans just weren’t coming together.

Long_and_Winding_RoadWhen I give myself permission to STOP worrying about what I didn’t accomplish and remember all that has been accomplished (even though most of it wasn’t on MY “To Do” list!) I have to admit that His plans and goals are always best. Even when we don’t understand what in the world is going on!

Today, this week, this past month I have found myself in that place frequently, wondering what is just around the next corner. Uncertain of how best to take the next step. And listening to myself as I remind those who are depending on me to be strong to “Just do the next right thing.” If only I was confident of just exactly that “next right thing” is. I guess I will have to settle for knowing that if I am seeking His wisdom and guidance, and trusting Him for the outcome, that all will be well. Eventually. Because God is good all the time – He doesn’t need me to understand and it doesn’t make a bit of difference to His plans when I am clueless. Now that is confidence!

Today however, I know that I’m joining the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop, sponsored by Katherine’s Corner, and I also know that this is always a fun linky party! So, enough of my philosophical wanderings on this long and winding road, and off to the hop. I hope you will join us this week.   ;o)


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  1. Kathryn Ross

    Bless you, Nina.

    I could have written this post about your long and winding road. You exactly described my days–though our circumstances are very different. There are so many things that can stir our time and goals into a tailspin. My to-do list is growing. My greatest foe is my inability in my own strength or understanding to accomplish the goals set before me. I simply have little idea as to what I am doing and am only doing “the next right thing.”

    That’s where faith comes in. He who has called us to it–will do it–and complete all the things He is working in and through us for His glory. So, in our frailties and failures and falling apart at the seams . . . we’re in a good place.

    Our Hero Lord comes riding in at the climax and makes all things happen in due season–in all provision–beyond our imaginings.

    And we will be under no delusions that it had anything to do with us. And, ain’t that the place He needs us to be for our lights to truly shine in Him.

    Holding on . . .

  2. 1010ParkPlace

    I’m a woman of great faith. Without Him, and His Son, I don’t know how I would have made it this far. Even when I’m tired and not sure of the road ahead, I know He’s directing my path. So happy to find other women who love Him as well.

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