Oct 05

A moment in time

matthew-5-4-hearts-and-arrowsThis has been a difficult week around here. On Monday we learned that one of the students at our middle school passed away on Sunday night. He was a classmate of one of our daughters, and since we live in a rural, farming community it seems that everyone knows everyone else. Or at least knows someone who knows someone who knows the family who has been devastated by this tragedy.

Many of the kids in our middle school (and high school, as well) have known each other since elementary school. The kids have grown up together, had classes together, played at recess together, joined athletics, choir, or band together. They are all affected by this situation. And how do you explain this kind of thing to an eighth grader? How do we offer hope when one so young dies so suddenly?

We went to the funeral home for the visitation this afternoon. There were a couple hundred people lined up, waiting to pay their respects to this young man’s family and mourn his loss. A moment in time . . . . so shocking, so unexpected, so tragic, and so heart breaking.

These are the events in the life of a community that change us all. We will never be the same, even those of us who did not know this family well. From a distance, we watched him at the first grade Christmas party, and the second grade Valentine’s Day party, and the annual fall festival every October.

We watched as he dashed down the hallway, laughing and joking with his friends, and we watched him on the football field. We never knew he would be gone so soon. But we are encouraged, we find comfort in a community that comes together in times of overwhelming pain.

Just like the community several miles north of us who lost two young men a few weeks ago in a horrible car accident – the night Our Town’s football team played their football team the Friday night after that shattering event, both teams and cheerleaders met in the middle of the football field and prayed together.

cchs-football-team-praying#twoteams #onefamily

Last night I read words of support, comfort, and encouragement from their community to the folks here in Our Town over the loss of our student. And so in the midst of tragedy and heartbreak, it is truly a gift to realize that we still live in a time and place where people can reach out and touch one another with love and understanding in times of grief and loss.

Tonight I am at home, with both of my girls safely tucked up in their rooms, working on homework while we wait for our Daddy to get home. We still have volleyball practice and games this week, and piano lessons, and a field trip. Makes me want to hold them a little closer a little longer.

That is truly a treasure for this moment in time.


It’s time again for Thursday Favorite Things! I hope you can join us because it is LOTS of fun!

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Here are a few of my favorite posts from last week’s linky party:

mustard-lace-4Since I am in the midst of creating a few new refashioned “wearable art” garments for the Textile Arts Alliance exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art later this month, this gorgeous tunic top caught my eye. This post was featured on by Andrea on her blog, Living on Cloud Nine.

fullscreen-capture-1052016-75314-pmEasy Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte from Budget Girl . . . . and since I really don’t like going out of my house any more than is absolutely necessary, especially to get something as frivolous as a pumpkin spice latte, I just might give this one a try!

book-page-fall-wreathI am always looking for creative DIY home decor projects, and this stunning Fall Leaf Book Page Wreath jumped right out at me as I was checking out all of last week’s blog hop participants. I love the white-on-white simplicity, and the vintage touch of using pages from an old book is especially beautiful. But I’m not sure I can bring myself to cut up a book . . . . any book . . . or a vintage book, for sure! But I think I’ll give it a try and see if I can gather up the courage to tackle this project from Thistlewood Farms.

Let’s start hopping!

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  1. Andrea

    You are so precious to include my tunic. I’m thinking we may not live far from one another. Is that Dekalb that lost those boys? So so sad. They are within our region and their death hit us all. So sorry about the student that passed as well. Definitely makes you wanna hold your babies tighter.

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