Oct 19

A Time-Out for Mom

347_new-intro_photo_for_website_2016Last week my girls had two days off of school – Thursday and Friday – and then I had to be at the Textile Art Alliance Boutique Exhibit and Fashion Show on Sunday. So it just seemed like a good idea for the whole family to take a few days to get away for some fun. Our Daddy took a couple of days off work (that hardly EVER happens!), and on Thursday morning we took off for Cleveland. Well, actually we stopped along the way to do some sight-seeing (I know, what’s there to see in OHIO???) but since we are from Indiana, Ohio is kind of a big deal to us.

We live here in those “Flyover States” that seem to have a reputation of being just a bunch of cornfields and dirt roads, and who would want to live here, anyway? But we love this part of the country, and we are proud to be Hoosiers – and right next door is the Buckeye state, so we felt right at home . . . . away from home for a few days.

slide1The first place we visited was the Ohio Caverns near W. Liberty, OH which is described as “America’s most colorful caverns.” Everyone in our little family had a great time, and it is really interesting down there underground to see all of the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites dripping from the cavern ceiling or growing up from the floor. Even though I was a bit claustrophobic (it was dark, the path was narrow, the rock walls were barely an inch from my shoulders, it was muddy and wet, there were lots of people in front of me and in back of me, it was dark . . . .) it really was fun to see the beauty of God’s world, even deep underground. Then we had lunch.

By that time we were all ready to head to our hotel for the night so we could take the girls swimming, and sit in the hot tub. We aren’t exactly the party crowd, but we had fun at the pool and then got a good night’s sleep. Well, kind of, since none of us sleep well when we are away from home, but at least it was quiet. Except for Daddy’s snoring, which annoyed the girls greatly. I’m used to it, but it is still challenging to stay asleep with all that racket all night long.

The next morning we headed out traveling further east to Holmes County, OH which is one of the largest Amish communities in America. We live not too far from Shipshewana which is the largest Amish community in Indiana, so we are familiar with the horses and buggies, laundry hanging out on the clotheslines, and the beautiful gardens, but since it was actually kind of on our way to Cleveland, we thought it would be fun to visit a different Amish community. And it was quite interesting!

holmes-county-ohWe traveled through Millersburg and then we went on to Walnut Creek and finally ended up in Berlin where we did a bit of shopping. And since we are also not great shoppers, it didn’t take long! But it was fun to wander through the little shops and see all of the handcrafted gifts, housewares, furniture, clothing, quilts, and so much more. It would be great fun to go back around the holidays – it looked like they have lots of fun stuff planned!

Then we were finally on our way to Cleveland where the Textile Art Alliance Boutique Exhibit and Fashion Show was to be held. Our hotel was right next door to the event center, so that made it pretty easy to get there on Sunday morning . . . . but goodness it is a lot of work going to these things! As an affiliate of the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Textile Art Alliance features all kinds of fiber and textile art exhibits, but this particular event featured wearable textile art. It was really fun seeing all of the different designs, colors, textures, and creations of the other fiber artists.

I had no idea what to expect while preparing to participate in this textile art exhibit, but since they had invited me to participate I figured I’d just take my stuff and find my little niche among all the other artists there. So I took a few of my refashioned patchwork sweaters, along with some other refashioned garments that I have created over the summer, and it seemed that lots of the people attending the exhibit liked my designs!

dsc01583Here are a couple pictures of some of the things that sold . . . although I don’t have pictures of everything because they sold before I could get pictures! The one thing that sold that was hard to part with was the red and black refashioned patchwork sweater coat. I love this sweater! And it was so much fun to make – I guess I’ll have to get busy and make another one! A lovely lady with dark hair and eyes decided it was calling her name, and it did look beautiful on her. She said that she is part of a group of ladies who all wear red when they get together, and everyone tries to find their own, unique garment – and she found hers at my little booth at the textile artist’s exhibit!


We arrived home late Sunday night, and everything was back to normal by Monday morning . . . . well, not exactly. None of us had slept well for three nights (did I already say that???), so we we’re all exhausted. But come Monday morning we got the girls out the door for school, and then I kind of collapsed for a whole day. Thinking i was just tired, I was rather impatient with myself that I didn’t just jump right up and clean house, do the laundry, catch up on all of my computer work, and get back out to the studio to create a few new designs for my Etsy shop. But as it turned out, I must have had a little tummy bug or something because here it is Wednesday, and I think I have a fever and still feel pretty yucky. I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better because I have a lot to do to get caught up!

So, a time out for mom was fun but I’m really behind now that we’re back home and I don’t even feel like caring! Oh well, tomorrow is another day . . . . and that day is Thursday, so it is time for the weekly Favorite Things Blog Hop! Hope you can join us.


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