Jan 08

After the Glitter Fades . . . .

DSCF3778It is always so exciting to anticipate the holidays. We love to set up the Christmas tree and string the twinkly white lights. The girls have so much fun opening up the boxes with all of the old familiar ornaments, many of which we’ve had for a really long time. They remember each one, year after year, and they look forward to getting a new ornament every Christmas.

All of the other holiday decorations fill our home with excitement, and we love the sparkle and glitter of candles, wreaths, wrapping paper, and lights. The Nativity Scene is lovingly set up on the fireplace mantle, with each piece of the set carefully placed just so. Across the way our neighbors always have a spectacular outdoor Christmas display: lighted wreaths, a shining star, Santa Claus, elves, presents, a decorated tree, and right in the middle of it all is a large Nativity scene.

As we drive around the countryside during the entire month of December, there are holiday lights on barns, houses, trees, fences, and even tractors. When you live in the midst of corn fields, a tractor is just one more thing to decorate for Christmas! The sparkle, the shine, the glitter of the holidays always create so much excitement – but now that it is January, and the decorated tree has been taken down, the lights have been put away, and all of the ornaments have been carefully and lovingly been placed in the storage boxes until next Christmas . . . . it is sometimes difficult to stay focused on the joy of each day after all that glitter fades.

DSCF3789Of course, there is always the prospect of new beginnings with the arrival of the New Year. Many of us look forward to starting a new project, or revisiting previous “resolutions” that will (we hope) make THIS year better than LAST year. We start a diet or an exercise program; we plan to pray more and worry less; we decide to get organized and de-clutter our home and our lives; and we tell ourselves that somehow, one day, we will figure it all out and finally make progress on that New Year’s resolution.

But it doesn’t take long before we realize that, unless we actually DO make a few different choices, everything is still the same as it was two or three weeks ago, just minus the glitter and sparkle and anticipation of the holidays.

The past few days have been challenging around here, trying to recover from the chaos and upheaval in our schedules as we traveled to celebrate Christmas with family. It is bitterly cold, the wind is howling, the snow is drifting – and I have had a headache since Monday. Probably because of the storms and the changing barometric pressure.

But still – it is annoying, and there have been moments when I’ve just felt like giving up. On what, I’m not really sure, but sometimes it just seems like way too much work to try to accomplish anything with all these annoyances everywhere. And there’s no more sparkle and glitter and excitement of holiday anticipation.

DSCF3787So today, after trying to drive into town and sliding through two stop signs (cornfields, remember, so not much chance of running into anyone else, but still . . . . . ), snow blowing and drifting so hard I could barely see the road BUT the sun was shining and reflecting off the bright white snow which made this $&*%@# headache even worse – I decided I would stop being annoyed and go out to the studio and MAKE SOMETHING!

And I did! I cut out and stitched up a beautiful patchwork sweater in shades of ivory, taupe, gold, and white. I finished all of the piecing and now tomorrow I can finish up the hood and the sleeves.

So there – I have something to look forward to tomorrow, even though it is supposed to be even colder and more snowy than it was today. And yesterday. And we finally were able to get a few pictures of the blue and lavender sweater that I finished last week.

If you are feeling a bit of a let-down after the holidays now that the glitter has faded and the blustery winds of January are howling outside your window, why not try your hand at a creative project? It just might give you a bit of joy, and you’ll discover the anticipation of tomorrow when you can work on that new project. That’s what I’m going to do, and for this week, that’s my very most Favorite Thing for the Thursday Blog How  ;o)  Hope you’ll join us!

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  1. Suzie@homemaker-mom

    Great post! Actually I was very happy when the holidays was over. I have a very hard time at the holidays for many reasons. So I was looking forward to a new year. This year was a tuff one. I am hopeful for 2015! 🙂 New start! Hopping over from Thursdays Fav Things hop!

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