Oct 22

Autumn leaves

Autumn LeavesAutumn leaves . . . but the daily responsibilities never leave. The other day while driving to something for someone, again and again, which is my life these days, I saw a sign on one of the churches in town that read, “Autumn leaves, but Jesus doesn’t.”

That made me think of the various ways to use the English language to say one thing and have it mean something rather unexpected . . . . which of course is something I think about a lot in my work as a writer and an editor . . . . but it also reminded me of the constancy of change in all of our lives.

Some philosopher, a long time ago (I should remember but I’m not in  a philosophical mood on this autumn day), determined that when it comes to what makes up the “stuff” of reality, that the “only thing that never changes is change itself.” Well, now that’s profound. Really, it apparently is because saying something like that made someone famous once upon a time.

But it is true, even when weighed in the balance of common sense and ordinary people – change happens, and most of us don’t really like it all that much. Our Annie keeps saying that she wishes she could stay at her elementary school forever. Not that she doesn’t like where she is right now, but she loved her little school community and never wanted that to change.

We recently moved into our new house, and of course, my family wants everything to be just like it was before, only in a bigger house, closer to school and stores, and other stuff. So we do our best to provide that level of structure, routine, and familiar environment to recreate a “comfort zone” wherever our family lives.

Change is hard, but it happens, so we all just need to do our best to cope with the changing seasons of life, and all that goes with those transitions. And autumn always makes me think of the passage of time, the fleeting years, the gossamer threads of opportunities missed, and the loved ones who have slipped out of reach. ‘

autumn_silence_cover_51I love autumn! It is a time of reminiscing, reflection, and renewed commitment to goals beyond this month or this season, but for all of life. Am I making progress on becoming the person I know God wants me to be? Am I accomplishing (or at least making progress on) those tasks that are set before me? Some days the answer is a resounding, “YES!” and other days, not so much.

But I can tell you for sure . .. . age has nothing to do with it! I refuse to give in to the notion that just because I am one year older than I was last year at this time that somehow that is a good enough reason for me to give up my dreams. So I carry on, a bit slower on some days than others, but always determined to discover all that God has for me and my family, even in the midst of change.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year, and we have so much to look forward to, even when the days grow rather dreary with overcast gray skies, chilly rain and blustery breezes. The holidays are just around the corner, so let us take a few minutes to slow down and breathe – embrace change and look ahead to all the possibilities as autumn leaves and new opportunities reveal themselves.

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2 pings

  1. Kathryn Ross

    Hi Nina!
    You’ve been in a thoughtful mood of late, I see. Meditating on changing colors and all those other things that grow season to season. Not the least of which is you and me. Love how you’re resolved to NOT give up on those dreams no matter the seasons that pass leaving footprints of change in our lives. Yes–making things slower. And, in the way of all the techy stuff we are running to catch up to–far too fast. Look forward to chatting soon!

  2. Mary Dolan Flaherty

    Autumn leaves but God doesn’t. That’s great. Many beautiful and enjoyable things leave us and when they do, they leave us empty. God, being the opposite of all that, is constant and each time we come to him, he fills us, refreshes us, and renews our weary soul! And like you told me, refuse to believe that age has anything to do with…anything! I am discovering and following my dreams now at 55!

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