Jun 16

Baby Steps

Fullscreen capture 6162014 64523 AM“A journey of a a thousand miles begins with a single step” Chinese Proverb

Having traveled to China, twice, to bring our girls home (has it really been almost 12 years ago that we first took that journey?), there is great appreciation in my heart for this proverb.

Aside from the fact that it comes from the ancient wisdom of the Chinese people, it is a vivid word picture of what it actually took for us to make that journey.

The many months of waiting, the thousands of pieces of paper that needed to be filled out, the weeks of research trying to figure out what pieces of paper were needed (how and where to get those pieces of paper!), and all of the work of raising the funds to get us across the ocean to bring those babies home . . . . all began with one, single step.

If we had never taken that very first step, our girls would not be sleeping peacefully in their beds here in our little lake cottage in northern Indiana. Gracie would not be on her way this morning to church camp with her youth group; she would not be playing the flute, trying out for volleyball, or swimming in the lake with her friends.

Annie would not be taking piano lessons, receiving speech therapy, playing family games around the dining room table, or waking up every morning and asking, “Mama, is there anything I can help you with today?” Just think of all that WE would be missing, if we hadn’t taken that very first step.

I need to remind myself of those days of baby steps. Sometimes I wonder why I can’t just get up in the morning and do everything that needs to be done, all in one day. Why I think that way is beyond me, because it isn’t even logical, and I try to look at life from a logical point of view. But in this area I fail . . . miserably.

So now, as I begin a new journey of a thousand miles, I will keep this image before me when I can’t quite accomplish all of the 200 things on my daily To Do list   ;o) RIGHT NOW – and allow myself to take a break once in a while, knowing (but too often forgetting) that God is in control and He will use my skills to build the business and ministry that He has planned – not necessarily to create all of those amazing ideas in my head!

However, I really would appreciate it if He could slow down on the ideas if He isn’t also going to give me a few more hours and a whole lot more energy in every day, because when those ideas pop into my head, I really want to make them happen!

Today, I begin a new journey which I will now have the time to document here a bit more frequently than I’ve been able to do for the past year or so . . . . I hope you will join me and be encouraged along the way on your journey, too. Remember, take that first step. It’s the only way to begin a very long journey, but it will be worth it all in the end.



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  1. Yvonne

    This is so timely Nina! I totally get you when you say God keeps giving ideas and you just want to make it happen…like yesterday! Lol I really enjoy reading this today! Blessings!!!

  2. Nina

    Thanks for stopping by, Yvonne ;o) I’m so looking forward to being back in touch with all my online “buddies” now that I am working full-time from home again. It will be busy getting things rolling again, but it is truly what I love to do, so I’m ready! Please be sure to send along any promo materials you have for the autumn issue of Ruby, and if you have an article or blog post we can share, please send that along as well. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. heidi

    I know exactly what you mean by slowing down the ideas. There are so many ideas, and never enough hours in the day!

  4. Little Wandering Wren

    I went to China to bring back two not daughters but doors. Feeling connected with you through the Chinese and the 200 things on your daily To do list and wishing you well in your new journey.
    Hugs to you all from Australia!
    Wren x

  5. Pam@over50feeling40

    I also understand about God giving ideas! That is what keeps me so busy as a grandma and mother of adult children…I have so much going on and I am blessed to be serving HIM in a variety of ways. Thanks for sharing your journey and for being a wonderful co-hostess on the Blog Hop!

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