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Balancing Act

DSC00113Building a home-based business can be fun – but it also takes lots of hard work! Every day I have to shift my focus from “making stuff” to “selling stuff.”

There are tons of websites, webinars, eBooks, and websites with great advice for marketing your business. There are lots of other places where you can learn “10 Easy Steps to Selling Your Creative Products,” and there are literally thousands of online resources where we can learn how to make just about everything and anything imaginable. But actually making all that happen on a day-by-day basis can be rather challenging!

Not everyone “shifts gears” easily from the “creative” mode to the “business” mode, and for some of us it is really a major learning curve. Because what we would really prefer to do all day is just make stuff. Learning to sell stuff is a whole new realm of thinking, but one that we need to conquer.

DSC00107Working with a marketing consultant / business coach has helped me begin to rearrange my thoughts to realize that marketing my business is just as important as making stuff. I don’t like that at all, but there it is. The truth.

Because no matter how much stuff I make, or even how wonderful it all might be . . . . if no one knows about it, I will eventually have LOTS and LOTS of great stuff filling up my house, and studio, and garage, and wherever I can find room to put it all.

I’ve been doing pretty good lately at devoting a few hours each day to creating and a few hours each day to marketing. I’m learning my way around the ins and outs of social media, and I’ve even done quite a bit of reading on how to use Twitter and Pinterest to get the word out about my products. But in the midst of that flurry of activity (both mental and physical) I forgot to keep my work space tidy and organized.

I know, I know . . . . I am usually the kind of person that always cleans up after myself. But for some reason, when I am focused most days on making stuff and marketing stuff, somehow I just run out of energy to tidy up.

But eventually that catches up with me, and then when I can’t find what I’m looking for or the fabric scraps are overflowing their designated basket in the corner, I suddenly find myself paralyzed and I can’t work. Or think. Or create. That’s when I realized I had to stop all that fun stuff and tidy up the studio.

Fortunately, I have a daughter who loves to hang out with me in the studio, and she actually doesn’t mind doing things like picking up all the little threads and pieces of fabric that have fallen on the floor. Which is quite challenging right now because we have carpeting on the floor in our little workshop. We are hoping to move this summer into a house that has a much bigger workshop and studio space and there is NO carpet on the floor! That will be much easier to sweep up.


She also likes to sort things for me. I had several drawers with all kinds of scrap book paper, stickers, punch outs, and other embellishments that were all muddled together. She sat at one of the tables for a couple of hours sorting all that stuff and getting it organized so we can find stuff the next time we work on scrap books.

Meanwhile, I was going through all of the Works in Progress that I have accumulated, and I got them organized into somewhat of an orderly project plan. All my patterns were pressed and put back in their envelopes (what? you always put yours back right away? I’m impressed!). The shelves were straightened up, dusted, and organized – so now I can find what I’m looking for when I go out there to work in the morning.


Finally, we had one half of the studio cleaned up – and that was all I could do for one afternoon. So yesterday we went back out there and finished up the other half of that big mess, and now there are just a few items that need to have garment labels stitched in before I can start the next big project. Don’t know what that will be right now, but I’ll figure it out by tomorrow morning!

For tonight, however, I would like to invite you to join us for the Favorite Things Blog Hop this week, sponsored by Katherine’s Corner and a few of her blogging buddies (including me!) Hope you can join the party, I would love to see what you are working on this week!



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Lets HOP!



  1. Brenda

    It is definitely easier to work on your projects when things are organized and easy to find. I have all my yarn sorted by color, and that makes it much easier to find. Good luck with selling your things!

  2. Paperesse

    Oh, boy, can I relate with the “stuff”. How lucky you are your daughter likes to organize!

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