May 04

Between the Lines Blog Series Week 3

between-the-lines-week-3Bloggers, bloggers, bloggers everywhere . . . . how do you find the blogs that you want to read? How to you connect with with the bloggers that you want to follow? You can, of course, always do a Google search, but that still opens up a HUGE world of bloggers of all ages, who write about any number of topics, from a million different perspectives. It can be tricky trying to narrow down your search to find and connect with bloggers who write about what YOU are interested in, who share some of your values, and who are in a similar age group.

Katherine at Katherine’s Corner has made that a bit easier for you, especially if you are a 50+ blogger. Her blog series, “Between the Lines,” features several 50+ bloggers each week and all you have to do to connect with them is join us each week. You can find links to the blogs of a new group of bloggers each week and you will be introduced to each one in Katherine’s blog post in the series. This is a great way to discover new blogs, make new friends, learn new and inspirational ideas, and connect with other women who share your passion for life.

I have learned so much from other bloggers, and made some very special friends along the way. I hope you will join us this week for “Between the Lines” and let us know what you find as you are out and about, visiting some 50+ blogs!

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