Apr 20

“Between the Lines” Blogger Series

Between the Lines LG LogoIf you’ve been blogging for very long, you know how much fun it is to connect with other bloggers, make new “long distance” friends, and discover so many inspirational ideas. One of my “oldest” blogging friends (she’s actually younger than me, but she is one of the first bloggers I connected with when I began my blogging journey) is Katherine from Katherine’s Corner.

She has done so many creative projects, giveaways, challenges, and blog hops over the past few years that have brought many of us together who would probably never have crossed paths with one another if it wasn’t for Katherine’s continuing creative work on her blog.

If you have just started blogging, or if you are considering starting a blog, let me encourage you to visit Katherine and get connected with all of the fun stuff she is doing over at Katherine’s Corner!

Her latest project is the “Between the Lines’ blog series for bloggers who are 50 and over to showcase the ways in which this group of bloggers is making an impact in the world through inspirational posts, stories, poems, crafts, recipes, home and garden advice, and fashion / style tips that are specific to the mature woman.

As a “Vintage Mama,” it is always fun for my husband and me to take our two teenage daughters to the movie theater and ask for “two seniors” and “two student” tickets   ;o)  it’s the joy of the journey, no matter your age! We are “older” parents, and most of the parents who have kids the same age as our younger kids – in many cases are just about the same age as our older kids.

So we really don’t “fit in” with the younger parents . . . . but on the other hand, lots of the people around us who are our age have long since moved on from all of the running that we do with our two young teenage daughters.

Just last week, one of our friends (who is actually younger than we are, too, but has kids that are grown-up and off on their own) made the observation that he wouldn’t want to have kids the ages of ours because then he wouldn’t be able to do all of the stuff that he and his wife do now. Stuff like taking off for a weekend getaway, or going bowling or golfing, or any number of other activities that they love to do.

But this is the life we have chosen, and yes, I am an “over 50 blogger,” and I do still have two teenagers at home who keep me running from one end of the county to the other on a daily basis . . . . to say nothing of how expensive kids are!! But that’s a topic for another day.

For now, if you are an “over 50 blogger,” I hope you will follow along on this journey that is before us, thanks to the love and inspiration of our dear friend, Katherine at Katherine’s Corner.

Each Tuesday there will be several of the bloggers on the team featured on Katherine’s blog and then we can visit each one of them and read their stories. I love to encourage people to tell their stories, so I’m looking forward to this trip through blog-land! Hope you will join us!

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  1. Mother & Daughter

    I understand your friend about still have young children at home. I started very young with my family while my husband started his older. I have a granddaughter the same age as my husbands youngest. Each to their own I say.

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