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Nov 04

Give Thanks Giveaway

It’s time for another amazing giveaway, sponsored by Katherine’s Corner and some of her blogging friends. You are invited to join in on the fun and enter for your chance to win the great prizes in the Give Thanks Giveaway! I’m joining my friend Katherine from Katherine’s Corner for her annual Season of Giveaways, she …

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Oct 27

Pumpkins with Personality

Carving a pumpkin was always part of our autumn celebration . . . . but it was getting kind of boring just doing the same old thing, year after year. There were a few years when we tried some different ways to fix up our pumpkins, but it was still the basic orange pumpkin carved …

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Oct 19

A Time-Out for Mom

Last week my girls had two days off of school – Thursday and Friday – and then I had to be at the Textile Art Alliance Boutique Exhibit and Fashion Show on Sunday. So it just seemed like a good idea for the whole family to take a few days to get away for some …

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Oct 05

A moment in time

This has been a difficult week around here. On Monday we learned that one of the students at our middle school passed away on Sunday night. He was a classmate of one of our daughters, and since we live in a rural, farming community it seems that everyone knows everyone else. Or at least knows …

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Sep 14

So much to do, so little time!

Well . . . . now that it seems we have the RUBY magazine project on somewhat of a routine (still lots of work that I love to do, and lots of time invested, but at least we have a routine that works now that we have it in print!), AND now that I have …

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Sep 07

Suddenly September

It’s September. So why is it still so HOT around here? I’m certainly not ready for six feet of snow, 20 degree temperatures, icy roads, and blizzards . . . . but a lovely, sunny, cool autumn day would really be welcome right about now. This heat and humidity make everything so miserable. Just walking …

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Nov 11

Getting Crafty for Thanksgiving

It is time! I don’t think I can tolerate one more day of sorting, organizing, cleaning, scrubbing, and searching for stuff. I’m done. DONE. Well, I’m not really completely “done,” but I’m done trying to get it all finished before I allow myself time to make stuff for the holidays. My beautiful new design / …

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Oct 23

Autumn inspiration

I just about have my studio organized enough that I can actually get out there and start creating! I don’t work well in the midst of a lot of clutter (although that is sometimes necessary when in the process of creating!) but I’m really missing the simple act of making something. And since I’m one …

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Oct 22

Autumn Wreath Roundup

You are invited to join in all the fun and friendship of the Holiday Happenings at Katherine’s Corner! We have teamed up with our dear friends Katherine and Debi to bring you the Autumn Wreath Roundup. This is a fun opportunity to share your favorite autumn wreath designs, either of your own creation or another …

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Oct 22

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves . . . but the daily responsibilities never leave. The other day while driving to something for someone, again and again, which is my life these days, I saw a sign on one of the churches in town that read, “Autumn leaves, but Jesus doesn’t.” That made me think of the various ways …

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Sep 17

Pumpkin Patch Recipe Round-Up

Lately I’ve had a difficult time keeping up with everything that has been demanding my attention. That is not all that unusual for me, but the past few weeks has been even MORE demanding on my time, energy, and attention. One of the projects that I’ve been working on (actually since April!) has been listing …

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Sep 02

A Long and Winding Road

As the late summer sun casts shadows that slant across the carpet of fallen leaves on the ground behind our house, I am confronted with the reality that autumn is almost upon us. In the mornings as we drive past the fields of corn and soybeans, and meander up and down the gentle rolling hills …

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