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Apr 20

Favorite Things: Laundry on the Line

I know it is kind of “old-fashioned” to hang my laundry outside on a sunny spring day, but after all I am a “Vintage Mama” and I’ve been hanging out laundry for a really long time. I do lots of things the “old-fashioned” way, like hand-washing our dishes (especially now that I have discovered that …

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Mar 19

Frugal Fashion from Vintage Mama

Fashion is a funny thing . . . . if you look around at the stores, or if you browse various sites online, you will discover the amazing variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories that are “in style.” Since I’ve never exactly been a “fashion diva,” I’m mostly clueless about this kind of thing, and …

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Apr 16

Fresh Eggs Daily

Fullscreen capture 4162013 92657 AM

   I am always searching the blogosphere for family-friendly resources for you and your family. Yesterday I discovered (through the Inspire Me Monday blog hop at Create with Joy!) Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily. This blog is a treasure-trove of information, ideas, inspiration, and advice for anyone who is interested providing  fresh and natural foods …

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Oct 08

Inspire Me Monday: What I’m working on these days


The past couple of months have been quite different around here . . . . end of summer activities, back to school projects, family visiting from out of town, and a week long trip on the road with my sweet hubby all kept me quite distracted. Then, kind of out of the blue (so to …

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Jun 15

Friendship Friday at Create with Joy: Vacations


Like many other families these days, we have not been able to get away for a traditional vacation for several years. Our Daddy’s job (for which we are very grateful!) does not provide for any paid time off, so we have to do all of our fun family adventures on the weekends. But we live …

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Mar 15

Thursday Favorite Things: Washing Windows

Washing Windows 2-1

There is just something wonderful about opening all of the windows on a sunny spring day and getting out in the fresh air to wash the windows. I have always loved washing windows because there is such a sense of accomplishment when the task is finished. And to see those sparkling clean windows shining in …

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Dec 25

It’s Snowing at our House!


Well, at least it is “snowing” inside the house even though it is sunny, dry, and beautiful outside! We didn’t get a white Christmas here in northern Indiana, but that’s OK because I’m sure we’ll get our share come January and February. And to get us in the mood to celebrate even after all of …

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Dec 22

Thursday Favorite Things: Home for the Holidays


Every year when Christmas come around, I puzzle and ponder, and try to create a few fun new crafts or recipes or other projects to make family memories. Almost every year for a very long, we’ve had an Advent Calendar. This year, however, I was contemplating creating our own Advent Calendar, and I didn’t get …

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Dec 09

Candy Cane Fudge from the Kitchen of Vintage Mama


When I was a little girl, we didn’t have many family traditions. That was probably because we also didn’t have very much money  ;o) so my mom had to struggle and juggle just to make any kind of Christmas happen at our house. Of course, I didn’t realize that at the time, but as I …

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Dec 01

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop: Pink Shoes

image 1

Just for fun . . . . I found these cute bright pink tweed heels with ankle straps, and I had to buy them!  This past weekend I went shopping at a few thrift stores with one of my daughters, and we found so many great bargains. I’ll post pictures of some of our other …

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Nov 22

Totally Tuesday Blog Hop: Frugal Living and More


Nov 21

Keep it Simple, Silly!

Frugal Festivities

This week we begin the annual journey through the holiday season. We all love it . . . . and we all stress over it. We treasure the family memories of gathering around the table for Thanksgiving dinner, the frivolity of holiday parties and other events, and the magical moments of Christmas Eve and morning …

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