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Sep 07

Suddenly September

It’s September. So why is it still so HOT around here? I’m certainly not ready for six feet of snow, 20 degree temperatures, icy roads, and blizzards . . . . but a lovely, sunny, cool autumn day would really be welcome right about now. This heat and humidity make everything so miserable. Just walking …

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Apr 20

Favorite Things: Laundry on the Line

I know it is kind of “old-fashioned” to hang my laundry outside on a sunny spring day, but after all I am a “Vintage Mama” and I’ve been hanging out laundry for a really long time. I do lots of things the “old-fashioned” way, like hand-washing our dishes (especially now that I have discovered that …

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Jul 22

Our Amish Adventure

It was hot, sweaty, loud, boisterous, and annoying. That’s the kind of place I usually avoid if at all possible. But this time, we drove 30 miles and walked right into that gathering of folks that takes place every Wednesday during the summer in Shipshewana, Indiana. Today was our annual summer day trip north west …

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Apr 16

The Garden is Calling

Many years ago I discovered a gardening book where I first read about square foot gardening. I was immediately intrigued with the concept, probably because I had always planted my gardens the “old fashioned” way. Long rows, side by side, with lots and lots of room between the rows for WEEDS. I did not find …

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Jun 09

Monday Inspiration: TIME

It is always the same old dilemma . . . . we either have time or we have money. Well, there is the reality that many of us don’t have much of either commodity. Since my JOB was eliminated, I’ve decided to build my own business (more on that later), but in the meantime I’m …

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Apr 18

Thursday Favorite Things: Rest

It has been a long and exhausting week. Seems I can’t stop myself from agreeing to WAY too many activities both for myself and my little family, and now we have all crashed in heaps of weariness. Between Annie’s piano lessons, my piano lessons, teaching a class on Monday nights, Gracie’s track practice and meets, …

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Apr 23

Springtime Inspiration for Tuesday: Window Boxes

Fullscreen capture 4222013 103542 PM

This is what my window boxes looked like in the house we lived in before we moved here to Indiana.  We had a blue Victorian two-story house with white trim, black shutters, and white window boxes. Every spring we would fill the boxes all around the house with red and white impatiens, a few trailing …

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Apr 22

Inspire Me Monday: Square Foot Gardening

Fullscreen capture 4212013 91758 PM

For those of us who like things neat and tidy, including all of our outdoor “stuff,” square foot gardening is truly a joyous endeavor! Several years ago we had a lovely garden that included vegetables such as tomatoes, green beans, peppers, peas, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, and carrots. One of my little guys would stroll down …

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Apr 16

Fresh Eggs Daily

Fullscreen capture 4162013 92657 AM

   I am always searching the blogosphere for family-friendly resources for you and your family. Yesterday I discovered (through the Inspire Me Monday blog hop at Create with Joy!) Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily. This blog is a treasure-trove of information, ideas, inspiration, and advice for anyone who is interested providing  fresh and natural foods …

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Apr 10

Wordless Wednesday: Hopeful

Forking the veg patch