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Aug 26

Breakfast to Go Giveaway

It’s time for a new giveaway, sponsored by Katherine’s Corner! This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Katherine’s Corner, Katherine’s Corner Shop and Marilyn’s Treats. The cash prize is provided by Katherine’s Corner and some of her bloggy friends (listed below). One winner will receive a Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker, the Cookbook, “150 best Breakfast Sandwich …

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Aug 05

When I grow up, I want to be . . . .

Some people seem to know from a very early age what they want to “be” or “do” when they “grow up.” I’ve heard stories of people who just “knew” when they were seven years old that they would be a school teacher, or an astronaut, or a movie star, or president of the United States. …

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Jun 17

Father’s Day Recipes from Marilyn’s Treats

Are you ready for Father’s Day? You still have a couple of days to make plans to celebrate the dads in your life . . . . and here are a few fun recipes from our friend Marilyn Lesniak at Marilyn’s Treats. Check out her blog for lots of great recipes for every day of …

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Jun 08

Reading “Between the Lines”

Social media has a subtle way of causing self-doubt in just about every heart . . . especially the hearts of women. Can’t speak for the men, and perhaps men don’t look at social media the same way that women do and see someone’s latest and greatest adventure, discovery, or creation and think, “Wow, I …

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Apr 28

The Clothes Thief

This is no new information – kids are kids, and kids are messy. That’s all. Well, that’s all there is to the reality that kids ARE messy, loud, and high maintenance. So why do we have kids, anyway? Because some of us believe there is great value in family life, and that frequently includes kids. …

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Apr 20

Favorite Things: Laundry on the Line

I know it is kind of “old-fashioned” to hang my laundry outside on a sunny spring day, but after all I am a “Vintage Mama” and I’ve been hanging out laundry for a really long time. I do lots of things the “old-fashioned” way, like hand-washing our dishes (especially now that I have discovered that …

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Mar 23

Favorite Things: Easter Traditions

We have made Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday for many, many years. Even though I’ve never learned how to make a pie crust, I’ve always been really successful with yeast breads. Having grown up with very few family traditions, one of my priorities with my own children was to establish a few traditions, especially …

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Feb 18

Favorite Things: Old Fashioned Everything

Even as a young girl, I always found the ways of earlier generations quite appealing. While other teenagers were rebelling against the authorities and marching against the Viet Nam War, my interests remained focused on traditional home and family pursuits. Not that I was ever in favor of war! I knew way too many young …

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Dec 10

Just take the first bite!

Years ago, when my big kids were little, I remember going to a women’s retreat where one of the speakers talked about tackling the big projects that we encounter throughout life. Whether it would be a housecleaning task (like painting a room, cleaning the garage, or occasionally trying to maneuver from the bedroom door to …

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Dec 04

For supper tonight . . . .

On Friday nights we usually have pizza. Partly because it is the end of the week and I’m tired . . . of cooking, and just about worn out from all the other activities of the week. But it is also because our Daddy gets home (usually) on Fridays and we never know whether he …

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Oct 29

How many junk drawers . . . .

Once upon a time, someone informed me (at a moment in time when I was quite annoyed with all of the JUNK and STUFF that was over flowing the counter tops, cupboards, closets, and drawers . . . actually I was probably way more than “quite annoyed” but that’s another story!) that “Everyone has a …

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Sep 17

Pumpkin Patch Recipe Round-Up

Lately I’ve had a difficult time keeping up with everything that has been demanding my attention. That is not all that unusual for me, but the past few weeks has been even MORE demanding on my time, energy, and attention. One of the projects that I’ve been working on (actually since April!) has been listing …

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