Oct 10

Conquering a Monday Morning Monster

Vintage Refrigerator Ad 2 I’m pretty sure that YOU all have a perfectly clean and organized kitchen. And more than likely, your refrigerator is sparkly clean, smelling sweet, and thoroughly disinfected. No leftovers, nothing lurking in the back corner turning green, and certainly no long-forgotten yogurt that is growing fuzzy stuff. I’m happy for you!

I’m also convinced that if I was the only person who ever opened the refrigerator door to take things out and put things back in, that ours might be a bit less chaotic. But with kids and a hubby who look at you like you just spoke to them in Swahili if you ask them to replace the lid on the catsup bottle, it is quite probable that “stuff” will be inserted in to any empty spot in the refrigerator that is currently available. That’s how to grow a monster in your refrigerator!

After two weekends of having lots of fun activities planned for our family, leaving very little time for such mundane tasks as cleaning up the kitchen and putting things into the fridge in an orderly fashion, things had really gotten out of control around here. We had made a huge salad for a company picnic that was really good the day we made it. It was even still pretty good the next day or two. But then someone shoved a dish of leftover pork chops in front of the salad and it landed in a corner in the back. Where it sat for about a week before anyone ventured that far into the fridge to see what was the mysterious “stuff” in that dish.

Then there are all of the bottles of salad dressing. WHY do we have three half-empty bottles of Ranch dressing? We have bottles and jars of all kinds of sauces, dressings, vinegar, pickles, parmesan cheese, jellies and jams, condiments, and salsa. The problem is that when these jars and bottles get pushed to the back of the fridge by a more recent resident of our fridge, we can’t see what’s back there so we go out and buy MORE sauces, dressings, vinegar, pickles, and parmesan cheese . . . . and mayonaise, and cocktail sauce, and steak sauce, and picked beets, and catsup. So, today we finally decided it was time to tackle this refrigerator monster!

The girls hauled all of the stuff out of the fridge and put it on the counter. Then we started a sink full of hot, soapy water and I gave them each a clean dishcloth to start scrubbing. I washed out the drawers while they washed down the shelves in the fridge as well as the doors. I was amazed! They were actually having fun  ;o)  That’s when we were able to have our little “mommy / daughter discussion” about how much better we all feel and how much more time we have to do all the fun stuff in life if we aren’t wasting so much time trying to find stuff in our fridge. And how much money we will save if we aren’t buying more of something that we already have, simply because we can’t find it in that disgusting refrigerator.

They were having so much fun that they actually took all of the fridge magnets off the outside of the fridge, along with all of the coupons, notices, coloring pages, Sunday School papers, and last month’s lunch menu, and washed the doors before replacing the magnets and a few of the more recent items of interest. Today we will have the rest of the leftover Chicken Pecan salad that we made yesterday for lunch . . . . before it sneaks in the back and hides for a week or two.

We also have a jug of lemonade that is right there on the top shelf, and we even put the bread in the fridge to keep it fresh a bit longer. Bagels and muffins, fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt and cheese – now that we can find it, we just might have something else for lunch besides PB & J! How’s your fridge looking today? Trust me, it is truly liberating to know that there is nothing growing inside your fridge, that might turn into a monster and eat YOU! Have a great Monday  ;o)


  1. Kristl Story

    Stopping by from Stir, Stitch & Straighten! Great article, stumbled! Another great motivation for cleaning out the refrigerator, freezer & pantry is that you can usually skip grocery shopping for a week! http://www.TheBudgetDiet.com/skip-grocery-shopping-this-week

  2. NYOA

    I’ve never understood how people never clean out their fridge! It gets nasty in their! Great post! Pinning and stumbling!

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