Oct 24

Cut Through the Clutter and Catch Your Breath!

This is the first chapter in the new ebook that I’ve been working on, “Cut Through the Clutter and Catch Your Breath.” This will be offered in seven chapters here as well as on the More From Ruby website in the next few weeks. Just thought it would be fun to share a little bit of it with you today!

Everyone knows that life is so much easier when we aren’t wading through piles of “stuff” and tripping over left-over peanut butter sandwiches on our way to the kitchen. But unless you spend hours everyday picking up after your family members, you are destined to wander through a world cluttered with the remnants of yesterday’s breakfast and Tuesday’s laundry . . . . right? Well, there really is a way to cut through all that clutter and keep up with the never ending barrage of papers, dishes, dust, laundry, bills, and chaos that tumbles into every life more or less frequently.

There is plenty of research that has been done on the effects that clutter and chaos have on human beings. Now, it appears to be true that different people react differently to various levels of “messiness” in their environment, but it has been well documented that all of that chaos causes depression, lack of motivation, confusion, and frustration. Not to mention the added cost that comes from having to go out and buy something new because you can’t find what you already own!

Even people who have adjusted to living in a world that is crazy and chaotic, and think that they “like it that way,” frequently express a sense of peace and tranquility when their world gets tidied up. Living in the midst of clutter is stressful, and produces anxiety, even for people who don’t realize that it is bothering them.

Have you ever found yourself walking out of the house and getting into the car and suddenly realizing that you’ve been holding your breath? Sometimes we don’t slow down long enough even to breathe when we’re rushing about taking care of everyone and everything. That’s one important reason why we need to take a serious look at our world and get it under control!

Children seem to be especially affected by a change in their environment; I have observed a child who tends to be quite messy and disorderly suddenly begin twirling and dancing around and expressing her joy at having a clean bedroom. Although she was not yet capable to tackling that big of a task on her own, once we had worked together to bring order to her little world, she felt a sense of freedom and peace in a room free from all that clutter. Creating a peaceful and orderly world for our children allows them to become all that God has for them, without all the distractions of clutter and chaos.

So, whether you are by nature a “Tidy Tina” and have just gotten overwhelmed with the craziness that comes with having small children in your home, or if you are not typically annoyed by the inconveniences of clutter, it just might be time to give it a try! Let’s start working together, one day at a time, to begin to take control of our world and cut through the clutter so you can catch your breath!

You can find the rest of Day #1 of  “Cut Through the Clutter and Catch Your Breath” on the More From Ruby site at www.rubyforwomen.com/morefromruby  I hope you will check it out! ~~ Nina

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