Mar 04

Day 2 of My New Life of Leisure

DSCF1718But what does that really mean??? Well, in this house it DOES NOT mean hanging out in my jammies (unless I can get away with it!) until noon, wandering around wondering what I’m going to have for supper. But it DOES mean that by putting a few projects back in the cupboard for a while, I can focus on the few that I’m working on right now.

DSCF1700In addition to narrowing my focus in the area of crafting creativity, I’ve also started taking piano lessons again which is great fun – and another one of my goals this year to to focus on health and fitness. Which I just couldn’t find time for over the past couple of years. So, this morning I practiced my piano lesson and this afternoon, right after Annie’s piano lesson, I have scheduled a half hour to work out. Trying to drink lots of water and pay attention to my nutritional choices is much easier when there is room in my brain to think about ME.

DSCF1704In the afternoons and evenings, when I get to stay home, I try to work on some of my creative projects. Here’s another sneak peek at one of my current projects. This week one of my goals is to get a few new items listed in my Etsy shops, update my blog, and finish cleaning up and organizing all of my emails.

DSCF1699So that’s what MY life of leisure looks like. What’s up with you this week?



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  1. SallyAnn

    Hi Nina,

    Taking time for you could be the best thing you can do for your family. If mamma is healthy and happy she can do what she needs to do for her family much easier which makes things better all around. You have encouraged me to get moving in that direction also. I have just found the Trim Healthy Mamma plan and am working on losing some weight and getting into shape so good luck to both of us.

    Have an awesome day,


    1. Nina

      Hi again! I am always amazed how we can be such an encouragement and inspiration to one another, and it is all through this technological miracle of the internet ;o) Keep me posted on your progress and we’ll both do so much better if we keep focused on the important things in life. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kathryn Ross

    Blessings, Nina! What a blessing it is, indeed, to have so much time to devote to your art! How funny that you were spread out all over Blogland and Etsy and such with so many accounts. I can barely manage the few I have – though I did a turn with multiple blog managing and I’m still messed up with two Google accounts that is very confusing to me.

    I want to check out some of your tutorials – and I am every and always interested in the glue artists like using. I’m looking for something that works nicely on plastic and china for some mixed media/repurposing work.

    Looking forward to more great projects here!

    1. Nina

      Hi Kathy – thanks for stopping by! I’m looking forward to connecting with you now that I’ve found you. I know that we can be a great inspiration to one another. Talk to you soon, Nina

  3. Alyssa W.

    Wow Nina! Those are some intricate and beautiful paper flowers! My Mom is the ultimate paper crafter in our family so I can really appreciate the time it takes to make things as delicate as that. My attempts so far have been less than stellar!


  4. Judy

    You been featured over @ Monday Handmade Linkup Party!! Thank you so much for linking up. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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