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DIY Father’s Day Banner Card

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Father’s Day Banner Card

After creating the Mother’s Day Banner (which our Grandma loved, by the way!), I thought it would be fun to create something a bit different for Father’s Day. Since making mini-collage projects has been a craft that we do frequently at our house, it just seemed like a good idea to try to create a mini-collage for each letter in the word “Father” (we are also working on one that says “Grandpa”).

100_5005Not only is this banner card fun to make, it is a project that you can use up bits and pieces and tiny scraps of ribbons and other fibers, as well as solo vintage buttons and any other ephemera you might have hiding out in the back of your scrap booking or craft drawer.

In addition, it is not only a card that you can send through the mail, is can be displayed year ‘round on a mantle or shelf to remind Dad or Grandpa that they are loved and thought of often.


For our Father’s Day Banner Card we chose a color combination of dark red, black, ivory, and brown with a bit of gold rick-rack to give it a little “pop” of color. We also used a few stick-on keys and watches for a masculine look.


The paper is scrapbook card stock that was purchased at Hobby Lobby in the colors we chose. Each piece of the card stock is 6” X 6” square, but you could use any size you want. Using a square, however, provides a wider base if you want to make a stand-up banner card.


Our banner card for Grandpa is going to be in shades of blue, brown, ivory, and gold with letters in either dark blue or dark brown. Probably lots of gold ribbon and rick-rack, too! Vintage gold and brown buttons will add a nice touch, and we have also found websites where we can print out vintage images of cars, or fishing stuff, or tractors (our Grandpa loves tractors!), so this will be quite an adventure finding all of the odds and ends to make our next banner card.


Pull out your odds and ends of scrap booking ephemera, a few ribbons, braids, and buttons and let’s get started making a Father’s Day Banner Card!


FREE TUTORIAL HERE for the Father’s Day Banner Card

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