May 26

Favorite (and not so favorite) Things: Painting and Allergies

Orange Paint-001We moved into our house last autumn, with just barely enough time to get everything inside the house and garage before the weather turned cold and rainy. There were some rooms that were fairly well organized right away – the kitchen and the bathrooms. Kinda. But then there were other rooms that we just shoved extra stuff to get it out of the way so we could function in our new home with something that resembled normalcy.

And before we could get everything sorted and organized (we moved from a smallish lake cottage to rather large ranch-style house), it was suddenly time for school activities, volleyball games, parent-teacher conferences, and other assorted responsibilities that made it challenging to find time to wade through all of the stuff that had been shoved into out-of-the-way places.

At least we weren’t tripping over it on a daily basis, but it was still really annoying. But there was no time to tackle a huge project all at once. Even when I would find a few hours to get started, I would always be interrupted by other responsibilities, so there it sat, a great big pile of unorganized stuff.

Before I could blink my eyes, it was the holiday season with all of the activity that comes with that special time of year. Friends and family in for meals and fellowship, holiday decorations that were pulled out of storage (Oh! I forgot we had these beautiful Christmas tree ornaments!), wrapping paper and ribbons, and more . . . . stuff. We are a rather frugal family, so we don’t go overboard at Christmas time, but still there is an over abundance of stuff that is accumulated in a house that is already needing a thorough weeding out.

January 1st is one of my favorite days of the year! I can begin to recover from weeks of more activity, time, energy, and money expenditure all while having no more time, money, or energy to spare. But somehow we always survive, and I breath a sigh of relief every time I manage to get through those busy weeks in November and December.

But then . . . . the cold and flu season hit us this year with greater than usual force. I always expect that January through March will be a time of intermittent bouts of coughing, sneezing, sinus and ear infections, sore throats, and general misery. But this year it just went round and round, from one family member to another and to another, and then back again. So, for almost three months either I was sick and unable to function very well, or I had a sick kid who needed my attention on an hour by hour basis.

And suddenly it was spring! Whew, we got through that . . . . but those piles of stuff were still stashed away in corners and closets and cupboards so we just get through a day. It was time to start wading through it, I decided! But why put everything in its place and then move it all again when we decide to paint, I asked myself. That doesn’t make any sense at all! This is truly a lovely, older house, but it appears that the most recent updates and decorating was done probably back in the 80s or 90s and every room will need to be painted eventually. But ONE room is going to get painted NOW!

So off to the store we went to buy paint. We decided on a lovely soft peach color for the room off of my studio where we will be setting up a guest / bedroom. We got started by moving everything out of that room (one of the rooms where lots of excess stuff had been shoved back in September). Then we discovered that some of the cupboards on the walls could be removed so we pulled them down and stacked them in the garage.

About that time we noticed that there was a long line of cars and trucks going by our house (our road is not normally a major thoroughfare but on this day there was a detour around the main highway because of a terrible accident between two semi trucks). The windows were all open because it was a gorgeous day, and with all those trucks driving by there was dust stirred up in the air, apparently floating in through our open windows . . . .

And then I started sneezing, and coughing, and my throat and eyes began to swell up. After about 20 minutes I could barely open my eyes or breath. My lungs and sinuses were getting congested and I was so miserable that I couldn’t keep working. FINALLY I had time to work on this project and now I simply could not go on.

That was Tuesday afternoon . . . . we closed the windows and put the AC on, which seemed to help a little bit, but on Wednesday I was still so congested and I could barely see my eyes were still so swollen. I had a miserable headache from all of that (whatever it was!) and so I slept all day Wednesday, and then all night, and finally this morning I feel almost normal again. So, we’ll keep the windows closed for now, turn up the AC and get back to painting. Which is truly one of my favorite things to do because it is so amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. But allergies, definitely NOT one of my favorite things!

Today, after taking care of a few other neglected tasks, I’m going back out there to paint. Hope I don’t get interrupted too many more times, because I would really like to finish this project before NEXT Christmas!

Hope you are having a good Thursday and that things are going better for you this week than they have for me! Please join us for the Favorite Things Blog Hop and see what everyone else is up to in blog land.


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