May 19

Favorite Things: Art in the Alley

Fullscreen capture 5182016 95418 AMIf you live in a small town, or if you have EVER lived in a small town, you will understand . . . . it can be challenging trying to get anything “new” organized and running. And it is even more difficult to keep something rolling along, even after the initial efforts to get it started.

I’ve been involved in lots of different community activities, events, organization, boards, and projects. Many of them have been quite successful and great fun! But sometimes it is just too high of a hurdle to get over, under, around, through, or beyond the proverbial nay-sayers.

“We tried that before, and it didn’t work,” is one that I’ve encountered over the years. “I just don’t think that is a good idea,” is another one that pops up from time to time. “We’ve always done it THIS way, so let’s not change it now,” often becomes the rallying cry when new ideas are introduced.

But the one that never worked with me was, “Well, I don’t think it will work, but if you want to do it, go ahead.” Meaning, “We’re not going to help, or support, or encourage you, but knock yourself out!” And so I did. Ever heard the story of the Little Red Hen? That’s how it’s felt on numerous occasions over the years.

So of course I was hesitant when I noticed that there was an effort in Our Town to get an arts group started, but of course I was intrigued and interested. The good news at the minute is that there is an amazing young women who is a gifted artist in our community who is stepping out and doing her best to “make something happen.”

I hope that she gets the encouragement that it will take to push this idea through to completion, and I intend to do whatever I can to help, organize, promote, and cheer on this new project in Our Town. So even though I have been discouraged to the point of weariness and no longer want to be on the firing line for this kind of thing, I definitely am determined to do my best to help her be successful.

The first project on the horizon is “Art in the Alley,” which will be held the second Saturday of each month in the summer, with opportunities for local artists to showcase their creations. We might have to “tweak” it a bit as we go along, but if we do nothing, we’ll accomplish nothing.

It’s so much easier to steer my bicycle around a corner if it’s already moving, so I guess that might be a good analogy for this kind of project, too. I probably won’t be perfect in the beginning, and we’ll need to turn a few corners, but at least we’re moving and that’s the first step towards success. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!


It’s time again for Thursday Favorite Things! I hope you can join us because it is LOTS of fun!

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  1. Kathryn Ross

    Hi Nina!
    We live in a tri-city area in our county. One of the cities (small town, really) is known for its arts community–a huge effort made by people in the arts and the city to make Millville, NJ a destination. When it started some 12 years ago, it took off and grew steadily. Third Friday was packed with folks strolling the galleries and unique shops. Sad thing was that as these small arts businesses attempted to establish themselves, the out of area landlords saw that the venture looked successful. They began tripling the rents and slowly but surely, shops and galleries had to close. It looks like a ghost town now. Only a couple of the larger galleries survived–at opposite ends of the main street downtown–a used bookshop and couple of restaurants. My friend struggles to keep the doors to her tea shop open. We sometimes work on events together. They still do Third Friday–but it is a shadow of former glory just a handful of years ago.

    Landlords with no vision and greed taking advantage of a truly worthy community activity because they didn’t think they were getting a big enough piece of the pie. Why are all the wrong people in leadership with money?

    Hope your arts plan works out better!

    1. Nina

      Hi Kathy – thanks for sharing that story with me. I’ve seen it so many times, and it is truly disheartening when greed becomes the focus and it diminishes the prospects of small businesses to thrive. We’ll see how this goes, and I remain hopeful, but I can no longer be the “point person,” for this kind of project as my past experiences have simply worn me out. But I can support, encourage, and cheer on the efforts of others! Looking forward to seeing you at conference ;o) Hugs, Nina

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