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Favorite Things: Finding Photos for my Blog


wild-flowers-571940_640How long have you been blogging? For most of us, we’ve been out here on this adventure for several years, and sometimes it can be a scary place. As quickly as the technology develops, and with the enormous amount of content that is now available in the age of information, the rules of engagement have not exactly kept pace. There is just so much that is POSSIBLE, but unfortunately all things are not LAWFUL (that reminds me of a Bible verse!), and it is all quite confusing when one tries to sort out which is which.

Since I’ve been editing and publishing the Ruby for Women magazine for almost seven years now, finding images that we could use in our publication has been quite a challenge.

I’ve tried to figure out how to find good images that are available for our purposes (we don’t sell the magazine, but apparently that doesn’t matter if you are using an image that belongs to someone else!), and always I would come back to the same road block . . . . either take the pictures myself, ask permission, or buy the license to use each and every image. That’s a LOT of time, energy, and potential money invested in creating a blog / website / magazine that is offered to the world for FREE.


But that’s what we’ve been doing for the whole time, mostly because I couldn’t figure out WHERE to go or WHO to ask – and since our magazine if FREE, we don’t have funds to invest in images. But you and I both know that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so what would our blogs look like without pretty pictures? And how interesting would a magazine for women be without beautiful, artistic images with the articles, short stories, crafts, recipes, and poetry?

Perhaps I am rather slow, or this was a really steep learning curve, but it has taken me all this time to discover that there are lots of places where there are thousands of beautiful pictures, illustrations, and images that are FREE. Absolutely FREE! So, just in case you are as behind-the-technology-curve as I was, I thought I would share some of those places with you.

Because if you are reading MY blog, I’m thinking you might have a blog, too, and would like to include some stunning imagery without the fear of inadvertently using a picture that you shouldn’t use. Not that any of us would do that on purpose, but it has been known to happen, even when you search high and low to figure out who is the rightful owner so you can ask permission.

tulips-1139133_640So here goes . . . . there are lots of different places but here are the two that I have found the most useful and user friendly for bloggers, writers, authors, and poets:


At MorgueFile you will find thousands of gorgeous images that are free to use, and the terms of usage include the opportunity to contact each individual photographer or artist to ask permission for special use not covered by the general terms on the website.

The images on MorgueFile can be altered for a variety of creative projects, with the only restriction being that you are prohibited from using them in a “stand alone”manner, which means you cannot print off another photographer’s work and frame it and sell it as your own. But for websites and blogs, magazines and books, or other creative projects, the images are free.

Of course, it is always a good idea to link back to the website and include attribution to the original photographer or artist, but here is a website that tells you exactly what you need to do, how to do it, and who you can contact if you have questions or want to ask special permission.



My favorite source for FREE images so far is Pixabay. Super user friendly, with thousands of gorgeous photos and images, Pixabay offers a really vast variety of images that should meet every need for the blogger, author, writer, or poet. There are images that can be used not only for digital projects, but many of them are also perfect for printing out and using in art journals, collages, and other paper crafting projects. It’s great fun just scrolling through all of the beautiful pictures to find just the perfect image for my current creative projects!

If you would like to read more about the rules of the digital highway as it relates to the use of images for your projects, here are a couple of websites that I found helpful:



I hope your blogging journey is great fun, and perhaps finding these images to use on your blog or website will make it even more fun for you! Now it’s time to link up to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop, sponsored by Katherine’s Corner and a few of her blogging friends. Hope you can join us!


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