Apr 20

Favorite Things: Laundry on the Line

Clothesline Little Girls DressesI know it is kind of “old-fashioned” to hang my laundry outside on a sunny spring day, but after all I am a “Vintage Mama” and I’ve been hanging out laundry for a really long time.

I do lots of things the “old-fashioned” way, like hand-washing our dishes (especially now that I have discovered that our utility bill, which includes our water usage, is almost as much as our car payment so I don’t use the dishwasher very much these days) . . . . and I still like to sew clothes, work in the garden, and other little daily tasks that are easy to leave behind in a busy, crazy schedule.

Driving through the countryside here in northern Indiana, you will see lots of homes with laundry hanging on the line, even in the middle of winter (I’m not THAT rugged!), but that’s because we live very near to a large Amish community.

I love to take a drive through their villages and the back roads where there are Amish farms on every side. In the spring and summer, their gardens come alive with a riot of colorful flowers (perhaps to express their creativity, since they typically have quite limited colors that can be used in their garments and homes?).

There will be bicycles with carts, carriages pulled by horses, plows in the fields, and fresh produce stands along the dirt roads. Kids running barefoot, chasing a ball or playing tag, on a warm evening and a mama out pushing a lawn mower while a daddy is still out in the field until sunset.

Wash tub VINTAGEThere is something so peaceful about the “old-fashioned” ways that bring a sense of peace and tranquility in the midst of an over-scheduled, over-committed, and overwhelming world.

That’s probably why I love to hang the laundry outside on a warm, breezy spring day. Not that I could emulate all of the “old-fashioned” ways of our Amish neighbors, however. We mow our lawn with a riding mower, we drive a car to the grocery store to buy most of our food, we have electricity and a washing machine and of course, I couldn’t live happily for very long without my sewing machines . . . . and my girls love their techy gadgets.

So I will be content with hanging laundry on a clothesline on a sunny spring day and give thanks to God for the beauty of springtime, the joys of daily life, and the blessings of friends and family. What’s one of your favorite things? I hope you will join us this week for the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. It’s lots of fun and you’ll meet me bloggy friends, I promise!


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  1. Sally Ann

    Hi Nina,

    Just yesterday I took a picture of my full clothesline thinking I would share it online. How funny to click open your post and see that you love to hang clothes out too. It is one of my favorite things to do in the summer, but not the winter, BRRR! 🙂

    I shared my photo on my new blog that I just started. Here is the link if you would like to check it out. I hope I do this right because I don’t do it often. https://salgal861.wordpress.com/

    Have a great day,

    Sally Ann

  2. Annette Daly

    It’s one of my favorite things too. Have you ever been to Lancaster in PA? Love visiting the Amish community there.

  3. Nena

    Just a few days ago was National Hang Out Day where you were encouraged to hang your clothes on a line:) I love new technology and its convenience, but often times doing things the old fashioned way is much better. Thank you for the sweet reminder;)

  4. counrtry cottage

    Just happened to find your Blog. Could not believe that I have found someone that thinks like me and enjoys the same things. Logged onto your craft page and am going to make a covered booklet as a present for a dear friend of mine whom I have known for 40years. I know she will love it as I would to receive such a present. Just subscribed to your newsletter, can’t wait to read more from yourself.
    By the way I live in the U.K

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