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Favorite Things: Spring Rain

person-852813_640Usually spring rain is one of my favorite things. But this week, it really hasn’t stopped raining . . . at all . . . since last Saturday actually, when we had a blizzard. I guess the rain is better than snow blowing 40 miles per hour, sideways, stinging the windows and piling up in the corner by the garage. This morning, before the sun came up, as I looked out the kitchen window to the north west, I saw lightening. The puddles outside the front door have little waves from in the wind, and the trees seem to be shivering in their anticipation of spring.

The daffodils, however, are still standing tall and strong. Even after the blizzard. They were covered with frost and then hidden temporarily under a blanket of snow, but by Sunday morning, they were right back to work, filling their little corner of the world with bright, cheerful yellow blossoms.

In spite of the weather, I keep thinking about getting out in the yard and garden to clean up some of the leftover debris from winter (wondering if it will ever go away!), and those daffodils have kept me focused on the promise of spring. Those daffodils have also reminded me of the promises of God to walk with us through those dark, dreary, lonely, miserable days that we all experience. I need those reminders frequently, because I tend to forget that I’m not out here on my own trying to figure it all out by myself. That might be part of my Midwestern childhood where we were taught to get busy and do what needs to be done, and not wait for someone else to take care of us. So I carry that mind-set into my relationship with God, too.

I guess I keep thinking that I shouldn’t expect anyone (including God!) to take care of me if I haven’t at least given it my best shot, first. Independence can be a good thing, but some times I need to be reminded that I CAN’T do everything all by myself, and that God really is there to walk with me, even carry me, when I am weary and weak.

So in some ways, those spunky little daffodils remind me of my own determined, stubborn “can do” attitude which needs to be toned down on occasion . . . . and then when I see the blossoms, lately trembling in the biting spring blizzard, I find that their very cheerful presence helps me realize that God is the One, the only One, who takes care of not only the flowers of the field (or under a blanket of snow), but He is also the One who promises that after the rain, or the blizzard, comes the beauty of spring.


His promises are true, and they are eternal, and they will never be forgotten . . . but I sometimes need to be reminded by the little details of His creation. Like the daffodils in my front garden, covered with spring rain but at least today, no longer covered by the snows of a late winter blizzard.

“Having believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession – to the praise of his glory.” Ephesians 1:13-14

I hope spring has arrived at your house – but if not, remember it is just around the corner. And just as sure as spring will eventually arrive, God’s promises can be trusted. Just look at those daffodils!


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  1. Suzie@Suziesview

    Such a lovely post girl! I so enjoyed reading this. That picture of the flowers with the snow on them is such a great picture for this post and to remind us that Gods promises stand even in the storm. I loved this! Visiting today from the hop. I have missed you ladies!

    1. Nina

      Hi Suzie – thanks so much for stopping by for a visit! Today is cold, but at least it is not raining or snowing right this minute. Last night seemed like a blizzard again. It is definitely time for spring ;o) Hope you are having a good Friday and that you have a restful weekend. Hope to connect with you again next week at the hop! Nina

  2. Melanie@Toots + Dill

    Oh no the poor daffodils!!! Yeah our weather has been funky too!! I’m in Southern NY and we’re supposed to get snow and it’s raining now. I need to build a hut for my daffodisl!!

  3. Nina

    Hi Melanie – so glad you stopped by to visit. I am so hopeful that we don’t need to build a little hut for our spring flowers ;o) it must be spring soon! Have a restful weekend and please stop back again. Nina

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