Jul 08

Fear of Flying

Brave WingsHave you ever been so afraid of something that you were absolutely paralyzed at the very thought of trying it? Lots of us are afraid of something. When I look around at other women, I notice all the ways that they are “gifted” which then makes me realize that I’m just not that good at doing whatever it is that they are doing. And the fear grows and grows, and turns into a great big monster!

Recently I have had the opportunity to take little tiny baby-steps into a place that has been a life-long fear for me. With the gentle, patient, and encouraging presence of a dear friend (who is almost young enough to be my daughter!) I have attempted to do something that I have never been able to accomplish, and something over which I have never been able to conquer my fear.

It seems strange that I should be paralyzed by this little thing . . . . since there have been so many pretty big things that I’ve figured out in my lifetime . . . . but she didn’t make me feel silly; she wasn’t judgmental; she didn’t tell me to “just get over it.” She prayed with me, and she held my hand, and she gently told me that it was OK to be afraid.

Who knew? Some of us who have had opportunities to do lots of other things, can be tripped up by such a small thing. But fear is a powerful presence in our lives, and it can keep us from flying to the heights of accomplishments and goals. I haven’t completely conquered this fear. I might never be really “good” at flying through these clouds of doubt. I will fail, over and over again, on my journey through this scary place. But at least I’m trying.

She has given me “brave wings” and I’m going to fly. Like a tiny bird that gets nudged out of the next, terrified of flying, I’m going to give it my best effort, and remember that God has this one, too. And with His help and her gentle encouragement, I just might actually learn to fly one day. But as most of us, I will fly with a broken wing – but that’s OK as long as I remember that I have “brave wings.” I’ll let you know how my flight turns out!



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    I love this link party! Thank you so much for hosting. Have a great weekend!

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