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Lace and Button Journal Tutorial

Create this beautiful hand-embellished journal for someone special (or for yourself!)  Perfect to use as a journal, diary, scrapbook, or just a notebook for jotting down thoughts and ideas! Quick, easy, and inexpensive, this notebook will surely become your favorite place to stash your creative ideas for art projects, recipes, quotes, Bible verses, addresses, and anything that inspires you throughout your day.

Gather up your supplies and let’s get started!

What you need:

* Small / medium size blank book, journal, sketchbook, or diary

* Fabric scraps to cover the book (you can also cover your book in a large piece of pretty paper)

* Various other embellishments such as buttons, beads, lace, ribbons

* Craft glue


Step #1: Open the journal / book and lay it on the fabric scrap, with the front and back centered. Cut the fabric approximately 1” – 2” larger on all sides of the open book.




Step #2: Using your craft glue, carefully wrap the book with the fabric, wrapping the edges to the inside of both the front and back covers. You will want to make square corners and secure the ends of fabric down with glue on the inside of both the front and back covers.



* At the top and bottom of the spine of the book, snip the fabric so that you can tuck a corner under to accommodate the fold of the book.




Step #3: Using coordinating scrapbook paper (cardstock will work best) cut a piece of paper to cover the inside of both the front and back covers. You will want to completely cover the raw edges of the fabric that you used to cover your book.







Step #4: Add any additional embellishments such as beads and buttons, more lace and ribbons, or whatever you would like on your beautiful hand-embellished book!

* I tried various different embellishments because I couldn’t decide which design I liked best. Because I chose the soft ivory baby wale corduroy for my cover, I also added some vintage ivory lace and a rope of gold tone and rhinestone braid.

* One embellishment that I added was the two-heart charm as shown in the picture at the top of this tutorial.

* Another embellishment came from my jars of vintage buttons. The inside of the journal is blue, so I added a row of vintage blue buttons all along the side.

* Then I found some gold tone vintage buttons and scattered them around on the left side of the cover, and then used a single gold tone button on the center right side kind of like a little “door knob.”



* In the bottom of my button jar I discovered a vintage gold tone angel pin and thought that might be a fun embellishment!

* Finally, I thought I’d try just a simple, single gold tone vintage button on the front. I might attach a ribbon to the back of the journal and bring it around to the front to loop over the button to close this pretty journal.


So many different ways you could embellish your journal! Give it a try, and please be sure to send me pictures of your finished project.


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  1. BeBetsy - Smashingly Good Living

    Beautiful journal and great tutorial on how to put it together. Thanks!

    Glad you shared it on your gallery at #simplybebetsy!
    Sharon and Denise

  2. Katherines Corner

    this is so pretty my friend xo

  3. Suzie@homemaker-mom

    I tried doing this once it was so much fun. Yours look WAY better than mine for sure! Lovely!

  4. Candy

    So gotta try this!

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