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Mother’s Day Banner Tutorial

Keys to Grandma’s Heart
Make This Charming Mother’s Day Banner
from Vintage Mama’s Cottage

Have you ever thought that it would be fun to give Mom or Grandma something different for Mother’s Day? Something besides a card and a bouquet of roses; or something different from the traditional plant, necklace, or brooch? This Mother’s Day banner is quick, easy, inexpensive, and best of all it is creative and will express your love for Mom or Grandma. All it takes is some scrapbook paper and a box filled with left over lace, ribbons, vintage buttons, and any mismatched scrapbook ephemera still hiding in the back of your craft cupboard. So, instead of sending a card for Mother’s Day, you can make one of these sweet banners (or two or three!), and the best part is that you can mail it just like a card if you want – of course you will need a larger, padded, envelope but this will be so much more meaningful and personal. Try it, it’s fun!


* Scrapbook papers in various colors and designs

 * Craft glue

* Scissors

* Round hole punch

* Scraps of fabric, ribbon, lace, and braid

* Vintage buttons, beads, and charms

* Glitter

* Variety of scrapbook ephemera such as paper flowers, chipboard shapes and letters, etc.

* Strip of lightweight / sheer fabric 4″ wide X 24″ – 36″ long OR length of ribbon for hanging banner

STEP #1: Cut individual banner tags in the shape of your choice. Some banners are made with triangle tags; others are rectangular with a “V” shape cut in the bottom. I chose to make mine shaped like luggage tags, so I simply cut seven tags 3 ½” wide by 6 ½” long. Then, I just cut the top two corners off of each tag and punched a hole in the top.

If you decide to have your banner spell out the word “Mother,” you will only need six tags; you could also add an extra tag on either end of your banner without a letter just with beautiful embellishments. This is also a fun craft project to make to celebrate each new season, using seasonal colors and embellishments; it would also be a great way to send a personalized birthday greeting. You can make a banner with any word or name you would like to use!

STEP #2: Once you have all of your tags cut to the size and shape you want, the fun begins! You can use chipboard letters, or sticker letters, or you can go online and print out free alphabet letters from lots of different sources. If you print out your letters on cardstock, they will be stiffer and hold up better than if you print them out on regular copy paper. I found these beautiful brown letters on a great blog with lots of free scrapbook printouts, created by Granny Enchanted. Please visit her blog and let her know you heard about her at mamas*little*treasures!

Step #3: Begin planning each tag for your banner. Try different combinations of papers, lace, buttons, embellishments, fibers, ribbons, or charms. I had several little locks and keys in my stash that I had purchased for a different project and didn’t use them all. If you have any little scraps of fabric, lace, ribbons, braids, or any paper ephemera, bring it all out onto your craft table and begin to plan your tags.

After I had gathered all of my supplies, I noticed that I had several pieces of scrapbook papers in shades of blue, brown, and ivory with little bits of green. So, then I started pulling together some leftover paper flowers, a bit of old ivory lace, ribbons, and even some scraps of fabric from one of my refashion projects! (You can find tons of great fabric, buttons, and trims at your local thrift shop that you can cut up and use for other projects).

After playing around with the various embellishments to decide what combinations you like best begin gluing it all together. If you want a ribbon or lace strip on the side or bottom of one of your tags, you might want to glue that on before you glue on the letter. Most embellishments can be added after you glue on the letter.

STEP #4:  To make the little “bunting” shapes, simply take a narrow strip of scrapbook paper (approximately 1” wide and as long as you want), then fold it back and forth, accordion style. Pull it apart and glue each end down flat, fanning out the rest of the folded strip. You will need to hold the ends down until the glue dries (or use a hot glue gun), and then put drops of glue between the tag and the folds of the “bunting” and hold it down until it dries. You can then glue a button, bead or charm at the small curve at the bottom of the “bunting” shape or even on top of it.

Use your imagination and be creative! Add little bows or streamers of yarn or ribbon; pom poms are cute all along the bottom of one of your tags; use your decorative scissors to cut a edge of one of the tags and glue a strip of coordinating colored paper underneath. Vintage buttons always add charm and whimsy to any craft project (in my opinion!) so let your imagination run wild!

STEP #5: As you complete decorating each tag, you will want to let the glue dry completely; some of the embellishments can be weighted down with heavy glass jars or cans (so that they won’t stick in case some of the glue escapes!). Also, when you glue on strips of ribbon, lace, or braids, be sure to leave a bit extra at either end and trim it off after it is thoroughly dry. This will make sure that it all stays where you want it and doesn’t slip or shrink as it is drying.

STEP #6: When all of your tags are completely decorated and the glue has had time to dry thoroughly (over night is best), you can begin to create your finished banner.

Ribbon works well, but I like the “tattered” look so I used two strips of repurposed sheer brown print fabric (cut from a blouse found at our local thrift shop), and just pulled the ends through the hole in the middle tag and tied a knot. Simple enough!

Then, if you are using ribbon, pull a section of the ribbon through the next tag, tie a knot to hold it in place, leaving the two ends of the ribbon extended out the back of the tag and move down the ribbon approximately 3” – 4” to the next tag.

If you are using a strip of fabric, simply pull a section of the fabric through each hole, puffing it out like a little bow (which you can glue down later when you know you have all your tags positioned correctly).

STEP #7: Adjust your tags so that they are close together, but not overlapping too much so that it is easy to read the banner. If you want even more embellishments, add a few ribbon streamers at either end or in between tags.




STEP #8: To finish your banner, tie a loop in either end of the ribbon; if using a strip of “tattered” fabric, tie a knot to finish it off and stitch a small ribbon loop on each end to hang the banner. Then, if you want to, add a handmade fabric flower to cover the ribbon loops. Next time, we’ll look at different ways to make fabric flowers to use in all kinds of craft projects!



Have fun with your Mother’s Day banner, and be sure to tell Mom and Grandma about all of the great ideas, articles, recipes, poems, stories, and crafts here at mamas*little*treasures.


Keys to Grandma’s Heart

Copyright 2012 Vintage Mama’s Cottage


  1. BeBetsy - Smashingly Good Living

    This bunting/banner is so perfect – very nice. Thanks for sharing this on your #simplybebetsy gallery.

    Best to you,
    Sharon and Denise

  2. Anne Rigby

    I love your banners and your website! You’re very creative! Has given me a lot of inspiration – thanks! 🙂

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