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Snowflake Wreath Tutorial

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After the holidays our homes can sometimes feel a bit lonely and empty once all of the decorations have been put away for another year. And January can be really cold and snowy. What better way to chase away the winter blues than by making a cheerful snowflake wreath? Let’s celebrate the beauty of the season, and remember . . . spring is just around the corner!

 This is a super simple project, made from supplies that you might already have in your sewing or craft cupboard. If you need to purchase a few materials, here is the list to get you started:

 Fullscreen capture 1292013 74743 PM* One Styrofoam ring, any dimension you would like

* 1 – 2 yards of sheer fabric (we used 1 yard of sheer light blue and 1 yard of sheer white)

* Copy paper for the snowflakes

* Spray glitter (available from hobby and craft stores)

* Variety of ribbon for wrapping the wreath and for the bows

* Variety of jewels, gems, and / or buttons

* Craft glue or hot glue gun

* Small straight pins

* Fabric scissors

* Paper scissors

 Gather up your supplies and let’s get started!

 SnowflakesSTEP #1: Using the instructions HERE (or using your own imagination!), cut out 20 – 30 snowflakes from plain white copy paper.

Make some of them smaller and some of them larger so that you can layer them on the wreath.


Painting snowflakes

STEP #2: Lay the snowflakes out on tin foil or news paper and carefully spray each one with spray glitter. We used one called “Diamond Dust” which was clear glitter, and silver glitter spray. Be sure to coat them thoroughly to give an adequate covering of glitter.

 Let the snowflakes dry while you complete the next few steps.

Wrapping form STEP #3: Cut or tear the sheer fabric into 3” wide strips. We tore our strips and then placed one white strip on top of one blue strip to begin wrapping the Styrofoam ring.

 STEP #4: Begin by pinning the strips of fabric on the backside of the Styrofoam ring and then wrapping diagonally around the ring. When you come to the end of the strips of fabric, simply pin another strip (or double strips as we did) in place and continue wrapping the Styrofoam ring until it is completely wrapped in the sheer fabric.

Wrapping form 2STEP #5: Once you have the Styrofoam ring completely wrapped in sheer fabric, you can begin to wrap the ring with coordinating ribbon if you want. We did not completely cover the ring with the ribbon wrap because we wanted some of the sheer fabric to show, but the ribbon added a nice touch, so we spaced it out all around the ring. We used the same technique of pinning the ribbon in place to begin wrapping, and pinned in place at the end.

STEP #6: When you have the ring wrapped the way you want it, with fabric and ribbon, you will want to decide on how many bows you want. We used three, one made from the sheer light blue fabric, one made from the sheer white ribbon with silver and blue polka dots, and one made from the silver ribbon.

Make bowSTEP #7: Take two strips of fabric and tie them into a large bow. Trim the ends and open the bow so it is large and “fluffy.” Make a bow from each of your other ribbons (if you have used ribbon). Place the large fabric bow on the lower right side of the wreath, and attach with hot glue. Pin in place. Add the other bows beside the large bow, attach with hot glue, and pin in place. If you would like to add a vintage or rhinestone button to the bows, you can also use hot glue to attach them near the bows or on top of the center of each bow.

Attach snowflakesSTEP #8: Now it is time to begin adding the snowflakes to your wreath! Layer a smaller snowflake on top of a larger snowflake, silver on white, or white on silver, and pin in place all around the wreath. If you pin them in place before using glue, you can rearrange them if necessary. When you have all the snowflakes arranged around the wreath, use the hot glue gun to add gems or buttons in the center of each snowflake.

Finished wreathSTEP #9: Take a piece of narrow ribbon, approximately 6” – 8” long, fold in half, and place on the center top, back of the wreath for a hanging loop. Mark the location for placement and glue in place with the hot glue gun. Pin into place for added security and allow to cool.

 STEP #10: Add any additional trims or embellishments you would like, and hang up your beautiful Snowflake Wreath to celebrate winter!

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  2. Make a beautiful Snowflake Wreath! | mamas*little*treasures

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