“Sparkling Snowglobe” Tutorial

Sparkling Snow GlobesWinter is cold and snowy, the days are frequently dark and gloomy, so what can we do to brighten up our days? Crafts are always a great way to bring joy to our life, and many craft ideas are easy enough that we can include our kids or grandkids in all of the fun. At our house, we have lots of projects going most of the time, from scrapbooks to art journals, sewing and quilting, drawing and painting, and turning something old into something new.

Some of the best inspiration for craft projects can be found right in your own home, neighborhood, community, or back yard. Winter is the perfect time to brighten up our homes with a few sparkly and shimmering decorations that reflect the beauty of winter. Snowflakes, mittens, ice skates, sleds, and trees adorned with glistening snow make ideal themes for winter craft projects.

Fullscreen capture 11192014 100313 PMSo whether you like to make quilts, scrapbooks, wall hangings, home décor items, or any other type of craft, January is the perfect time to try your hand at another project to brighten up your world on a snowy day.

Snow Globes are super simple to make, and you can make them very inexpensively and quickly. The kids can participate in this craft, and you can make yours as extravagant and elegant as you want!

Make several and line them up on the fireplace mantle or use a grouping of snow globes as a centerpiece the next time you have a special family supper.

You can make several with a similar theme, such as snowmen, evergreen trees, sleds, cottage and sleigh, ice skates, children, or little houses. Or you could make a grouping of snow globes in coordinating colors. Some colors that reflect the beauty of winter (and are a nice change from the reds, greens, and golds of Christmas) are blue, purple, pink, and silver.

Gather up your supplies and let’s make a Winter Snow Globe!Fullscreen capture 11192014 101209 PM

What you need:
* Glass jar with large mouth and lid that seals
* Craft paint in your choice of colors
* Epoxy or Crazy Glue
* Distilled water
* Liquid glycerin (can be purchased at a pharmacy or at a craft shop)
* Glitter
* Artificial snow (can be purchased at a craft shop)
* Small figurines, vintage trinkets, buttons, pine cones, or other small
items of your choice

Fullscreen capture 11192014 101209 PMLet’s make it!

Step #1: Paint the lids of your jars, using two coats for complete coverage, in colors of your choice. You can also add glitter to the inside and / or outside of the jar lids for added sparkle! Be sure to allow paint time to dry before attaching figurines or other items.
Step #2: When the lids are dry, glue items on the inside of each
lid. Let glue dry thoroughly, over night or at least 12 hours.

Fullscreen capture 11192014 101320 PM


Step #3: After the glue is dry and all items are securely attached to the inside of each jar lid, fill each jar to the top with distilled water.

Add ½ tsp of liquid glycerin to the water (to make the glitter or snow fall slowly through the water.

Add glitter and / or artificial snow to the water (the amount is up to you, but too
much will make it difficult to see your figurines or other items inside the globe).


Fullscreen capture 11192014 101320 PMStep #4: Screw the lids on each jar, being careful to hold them over a sink in case the water overflows. You want to be sure that each jar is a full as possible to avoid a large air bubble at the top of the globe.

You might want to add a bead of glue around the inside of each lid before you screw it on to be sure it stays securely closed. Shake your little snow globes and see how beautiful they are!

Now, line them up on a shelf or the mantle, or group them together on the dining room table for a charming winter decoration for your home.


Fullscreen capture 11192014 101320 PM

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