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Victorian Crazy Patch Pincushion



 All you need are a few scraps and snippets of fabric and trims and a little imagination to make this adorable Vintage Crazy Patch Pincushion. A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or any day for a special friend!


What you need:

* Various small scraps of different colors / designs of fabric

* Various scraps of ribbon, braid, lace, ruffles, or other trims

* A few vintage buttons (new ones will work too, but they are not nearly as fun as the old ones!)

* Thread that coordinates your color scheme (or just use white on light colored fabrics)

* Polyester pillow stuffing

* Sewing machine (actually these could be stitched by hand if you want)

* Sewing scissors

 Let’s make it!


STEP #1: Begin with a small scrap of fabric, cut with five sides (this is just the easiest way I’ve found to get the piecing started)


STEP #2: Cut another scrap of fabric so that one side of each patch lines up (approximately) and stitch them together with a ¼” seam. Press seam open (or press to the dark side if one is light and one is dark).


 STEP #3: Cut a third scrap of fabric so that one straight side of the third patch covers one of the sides of the new patch so that it covers the first seam.


Trim excess fabric from the back, press seam, and add ribbon or other trim if you want.


* It is sometimes helpful to add the trims as you go along to be sure that any raw ends will be completely enclosed in a seam. This is especially helpful if you are using rick-rack because the ends fray very easily.

Other trims can be added after the patchwork piece is completed by hand stitching in place.


STEP #4: Continue this process of adding new patches, covering the seams of previous patches, until you have a patchwork piece approximately 8” – 9” square.

Press thoroughly.



STEP #5: Using the template (below) pin the pattern onto the center of the patchwork piece and cut out the heart shape.


Using the same template, cut out another heart shape from a scrap of fabric for the back of the pincushion. DSCF0335

* If you want to add smaller hearts to the back of the pincushion, cut out two more hearts from different fabrics using the smaller templates.


STEP #6:  Stitch the larger of the small heart shapes onto the middle of the large heart, using either a straight stitch, an appliqué stitch, or a decorative stitch (or stitch it on by hand).

Then stitch the smallest heart shape onto the middle of the medium size heart, again using a machine stitch or hand stitch. Press carefully before the next step.


STEP #7: Place the patchwork pieced heart shape together with the layered heart shape, wrong sides together to create the outside fringed ruffle.

STEP #8: Stitch all around the two heart shaped pieces of fabric, approximately ½” in from the edges, making sure to leave an opening on one of the straight sides (but not right at the point of the heart) where you will put the stuffing into the pincushion.


STEP #9: Double stitch the outside edge and stuff the pincushion as full as you possibly can with polyester fiberfil stuffing.

When you have it as full of stuffing as you can get it, hand stitch the opening closed and snip little cuts into the edges to create the fringe all around the outside of the pincushion.


STEP #10: Embellish your crazy patch pincushion with any remaining ribbons, braids, trims, buttons, charms, or anything else you want, and pop in a few beaded stick pins. There you have it! A charming little vintage-inspired gift for your treasured friends and family.




Fullscreen capture 232013 32739 PM


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  1. Lois@pineridgehills.com

    I just love this little heart! I’m a new Blogger so I’m on a mission to visit as many creative ladies as I can! I am so making these hearts for Valentine’s Day, especially for the grandkids…..and for all the sewers I know…..

  2. BeBetsy - Smashingly Good Living

    The vintage inspired patchwork pincushion is so darling. The buttons and the lace add that extra special touch.

    Nice to see you at Simply BeBetsy and so glad you joined us! Here’s the link to your gallery http://bebetsy.com/author/simply-author/Vintage+Mama/ – hope to see you soon.

    Warm regards,
    Sharon and Denise

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