Apr 27

Friendship Friday at Create with Joy!

In between all of my writing and editing projects, I try to take time to work on a few other creative projects. The tricky part for me, however, is figuring out which project to work on next. I have several refashion / upcycle projects in process, including a sweet prom dress and a spring sweater, both of which are almost finished.

 Today? Probably not, because not only do I have to finish up the May issue of the Ruby for Women magazine to be published next week, but I also have to take off here in a few minutes to join Annie on the third grade field trip to Fire Safety Village. Her sister went on this same field trip two years ago, and told Annie that it is really scarey  ;o) so with quite a bit of anxiety and trepidation, Annie said, “Mama, will you go with me on the field trip?”

Well, of course, I would go on the field trip . . . . I go on almost all of the girls’ field trips, so why she would worry that this one would be any different, I can’t begin to guess. The other creative project I’ve been working on for a while (put on hold for several weeks while I was struggling with the flu, colds, sore throats, ear infections, and sinus issues at the end of winter), is an art journal that I am making for one of our granddaughters. This kind of project is great fun, especially because I can take a few minutes and paint a page, or glue on a pocket or envelope, or cut out a few tags, bookmarks, or quotes, and then go back to my other responsibilities while the paint and glue dry. Then, the next time I take a break from writing, I can work on another page in the journal.

The next page I’m going to be working on is a mini-collage of all kinds of “girly” things on little “inchie” squares. I’ve painted the squares pretty pastel colors and will be creating twelve tiny collages to put on one page, with pockets and envelopes on the other page filled with lots more “inchie” squares and cut outs of dolls, tea sets, dresses, ribbons, bows, rainbows, unicorns, teddy bears, bunnies and birds, pretty shoes and jewelry that she can use to create her own mini-collage.

Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun with this girly art journal – Grammie or Mara? I’m sure we will both have not only great fun but we will share an experience that will be treasured by us both for a lifetime.

Well, it’s off to the Fire Safety Village field trip with the third graders – I’m driving separately because riding on the bus with all those boisterous darlings gives me a headache. So I’m looking forward to some peaceful, quiet drive time, all while keeping a close eye on our youngest “little treasure,” and then hanging out with her to let her know I am right there to keep her safe in the event of a crisis on the third grade field trip. Better go pack my lunch! Have a great Friday and please join us for “Friendship Friday” at Create with Joy. See you there (when I get back!)

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  1. Create With Joy

    Your journals are so beautiful Nina! I hope you are having fun on the field trip!

    Breathe – one of my fave worship songs – is playing in the background of your blog as I write this and I just wanted to tell you that visiting your blog is always SUCH a respite for my spirit. Have a wonderful weekend!


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