Apr 26

Friendship Friday: This Land is Your Land

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We live in a time of great confusion. Although I typically do not post about political topics (mostly because I really do not have the time to argue about things that seem rather self-evident to me), today’s Friendship Friday blog hop  prompt has inspired me simply to reflect on the blessings that we all have just because we live in America.

America is not perfect. This country has many dark and painful memories. As Americans we have tended to think that we are bigger, better, and stronger than everyone else in the world. We have been wrong in some of our positions and actions that have been taken throughout the history of our country.

American FlagBut . . . . I have studied and traveled enough to know that America is still the the best country in which to live our lives the way WE choose to live.  America is still a place where we can worship the way our hearts guide us; we can work where we want; pursue an education or other opportunities as we feel led; we can raise our children the way we believe God would have us do . . . . . but we are quickly changing this country into something that many of us will not recognize as the same country where we grew up.

So, no matter what you believe about the direction our country is moving, we must continue to pray. We must pray for our leaders and for the other people who are making decisions every day that will affect our lives. We must pray that God will turn the hearts of those who wish us harm and destruction away from violence. We must pray for our children that they will have the same opportunities in the future that we have been blessed to experience.

Life is way too short to waste time arguing and debating – but we must stand firm for our convictions and have the courage to live with the consequences of the choices we make everyday. Whatever that might look like in each of our individual lives. God Bless America! Still the best hope for freedom, liberty, and justice for all. This is your land, and this is MY land, and I love my country.

Friendship-Friday-Button-1501Please join us this week for Friendship Friday and share your thoughts on the topic, “This Land is Your Land.” Hope to see you there!



  1. Sally

    Nicely put Nina.

    I was over at Friendship Friday and followed your link.

    (We must pray that God will turn the hearts of those who wish us harm and destruction away from violence. ) Every day!

    Have a lovely day.

  2. Create With Joy

    Thanks for joining us for Friendship Friday, Nina, and sharing your thoughts!
    Well said… Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend!

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