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Gingerbread House Winter Village Christmas Craft

 Gingerbread House

Winter Village Christmas Craft

Many years ago we had an Advent calendar for our children that was created in the shape of a Victorian church, with little windows and doors that would open to reveal a Scripture verse telling the story of the Nativity. We set the calendar in the middle of our dining room table, and every evening at supper time, the children would take turns opening the next door or window.

Another year we started a collection of lighted Victorian cottages to line our fireplace mantle, surrounded by “snow” and little street lights that brought a touch of nostalgia to our home during the holidays. Those little cottages were packed up every year after Christmas and stored with all the other holiday decorations. We much have lost them somewhere along the way, perhaps when we moved to another state for our Daddy’s job a few years ago, because they don’t seem to be with our Christmas decorations anymore.

The other tradition that has been carried on with all of our children is the annual baking and making of the gingerbread house. Some years we have made just one large gingerbread house, decorated with brightly colored candies, gum drops, jelly beans, and various other festive embellishments . . . all edible, of course! One year, we made our gingerbread house in the evening, and when we got up in the morning, all of those pretty candy decorations had disappeared! I guess one of our little elves couldn’t resist popping them all in her tiny mouth.

Other years, we have created several small gingerbread houses, typically made out of graham crackers and lots and lots of sugary-sweet frosting. Once the little houses were complete, we arranged them on a large cookie tin and surrounded them with fluffy cotton (with some silver glitter sprinkled liberally all around!) and even added some tiny Christmas trees and snowmen.

 This year, as I was thinking about what we could make to decorate for the holidays, I remembered that fold-out Victorian advent calendar with its little windows and doors, and then I thought about the lighted cottages that used to adorn our mantle every Christmas, and then I remembered the gingerbread houses, and decided to try something new this year! We created this little village of fold-out “gingerbread” colored cottages with tiny doors and windows that open. With a bit of vellum paper glued behind the doors and windows (with tiny polka dots that look a bit like falling snow!), and a string of lights tucked under each house, we have a simple but beautiful winter scene in our living room this year.

This project is so easy to do, inexpensive, and perfect to make with kids of all ages. These little cottages could be decorated like a traditional gingerbread house, or they could be made from white or ivory colored card stock for a more elegant look. And the best part of all, is you can fold them back up after the holidays and store them flat in an envelope for next year. Or, if you would like to make a few and mail them to someone special, you can just pop them in an envelope and drop them at the post office. The perfect holiday craft project! Give it a try and send us pictures of your finished Gingerbread House Winter Village!

For the complete tutorial for the Gingerbread House Winter Village Christmas Craft, please click HERE.

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