Mar 30

Gossamer Threads Shop is OPEN!

Gossamer logo 2Once we decided to make our clothing designs a full-time business, it was kind of scary! If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, you know what I’m talking about. There are a lot of unknowns, and a great deal of risk involved. You don’t know if your idea is even a good one until you test it out. So it was with a fair amount of trepidation that I made this decision. But with several friends and family members’ support and encouragement, advice and guidance from my business coach, and a couple of business classes offered through our local Economic Development Corporation, I just decided to START.

DSCF4156One of my fears has always been . . . . what if this works? That seems like a strange thing to be afraid of, but when you work by yourself it can easily become overwhelming if suddenly one or two of your ideas “flies,” and you get more orders than you can handle on your own. Well, that’s kind of where I am at the minute, so I need to prioritize and get those orders completed and out the door. In the meantime, here is a review that was left on the Gossamer Threads Shop website by our dear friend Christie Browning of reVision for Women:

“I have always thought that Nina’s creations are more works of art rather than mere articles of clothing. So, when she told me about her idea to create a line of clothes for all shapes and sizes that would transition from a day at the office to a night out on the town, I thought ‘yes!!’

I was honored to be the first model for Gossamer Threads new line and I found that Nina truly understood the size and fit issues I continually run up against. You know how women are supposed to have an hourglass figure? Well, I have an hour and a half! That’s to say I am a plus-sized gal who is proud of my curves. However, my smaller waist makes finding all items of clothing a chore.

I typically have to find tops that fit my bust, only to have tons of extra room in the waist. When it comes to pants, they are always too long, and either too big in the waist or tight in the hips. Needless to say, this makes finding tailored clothing that is fashionable challenging. It also is difficult to find professional clothing that is figure-flattering and that exudes the sophistication needed in my line of work.

DSCF4179After modeling Nina’s new line, I was never more excited to get dressed in the morning! She told me the clothes were ‘easy to wear.’ I found this very true when it came to the mix-and-match concept within the collection, and because the cuts and style she chose, I didn’t have to fuss with my clothing choices. I knew they fit and flattered!!

Nina also made a collection of clothes that is ‘easy to care for.’ I’m a busy gal and unfortunately I don’t have time to iron every article of clothing. Thank goodness for Gossamer Threads and fabric choices that don’t wrinkle! I can throw these clothes in a suitcase and not have to worry about what they will look like once I unpack. I can wear it all day and not look like a crumpled mess by 5 p.m. I love it!

The clothes hold their shape and I can simply toss them into the washer without adding a trip to the dry cleaners. For a busy, on-the-go gal, Gossamer Threads is a blessing!!!”

Christie Browning


Here are the other garments in the spring collection for Gossamer Threads Shop:

DSCF4144Sleeveless dress looks so cute with the jacket!

DSCF4243The embellished tank top is perfect with the skirt or slacks, and even works well under the v-neckline of the dress.

All of the garments in the spring collection from Gossamer Threads Shop are available on our new website!

This week we are working on the summer collection for Gossamer Threads Shop . . . . and we would LOVE to hear your ideas and suggestions for designs and colors. You can email us at risingriverdesigns@outlook.com with any questions, comments, or ideas. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

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    How exciting!

    so very happy for you!! Best wishes in your new journey!!


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