Oct 29

How many junk drawers . . . .

windowslivewriternewjunkdrawerlogo-f184jdlogo-2Once upon a time, someone informed me (at a moment in time when I was quite annoyed with all of the JUNK and STUFF that was over flowing the counter tops, cupboards, closets, and drawers . . . actually I was probably way more than “quite annoyed” but that’s another story!) that “Everyone has a junk drawer!” Really. As if I couldn’t quite grasp the concept that every family, in every house, at all times and in all cultures has miscellaneous junk and stuff that really defies categorization, so it ends up in the proverbial junk drawer. Got that part. Tell me something I don’t know.

My humble response at the time was something like, “But I really don’t think EVERY drawer in the house should be designated as a JUNK DRAWER!” And so off I went for the millionth time to sort and organize all those little odds and ends, bits and pieces (and a whole lot of plain ol’ trash) so that at least there were a few places in my home that were not in complete chaos. But of course, that never lasts long, and here we are again with THE junk drawer.

So I wonder occasionally, how many junk drawers does an ordinary, normal (?) family actually need?

As we are still in the midst of opening boxes from our move into this new house, we needed a place to drop the stuff that would fall out of a box that someone had just tossed in with the silverware, or the bath towels, or the shoes, or the bathroom scales. This drawer has actually worked out quite nicely, because it is just inside the kitchen so it is a convenient place to drop stuff. In the drawer please, and not on the counter.

DSC00626If you look closely you will see that there is one, single, lonely puzzle piece on the edge of the counter top that I’m trying to rescue until I find the rest of the pieces . . . just in case someone ever wants to put that one together again. Oh, and the empty plastic container on the counter?

That came home from Annie’s birthday party last weekend from a friend’s house. They invited us over to celebrate Annie’s birthday and sent us home with cake and a bunch of other food that the girls took care of in a hurry. But now I have the empty container and I need to return it – before it gets lost in the drawer with all of the other plastic containers (we’ve managed to get rid of all the mismatches in that drawer, but that won’t last long, either!)

DSC00628And so I carry on . . . . and carry on . . . . and carry on . . . . carrying stuff from one room to another, sorting, organizing, putting things away, throwing things away, giving things away, and still wondering about all this “simplify” business. But one thing I am definitely trying to avoid is having too many junk drawers in my new house.

That feels a bit like having too many junk drawers in my life. I’m working on that, as well, but when you have kids (still!) there are just some things that you can’t eliminate from life. As Gracie would say, “The struggle is real!” and it is a daily process of decision making about what to keep in my house, and what to keep in my life.

For now, however, I need to get busy on all those other piles of junk before someone comes along and just sweeps that stuff off the table or counter top and drops it in a drawer. Again.

What about you? How many junk drawers do you have? Do you think you really need that many? Or am I just being overly dramatic about a silly thing like TOO MUCH JUNK!?!?

DSC00629I probably shouldn’t even get started complaining about all the *%&$#@&* papers that come into this house! I’ll save that for another day . . . and what am I supposed to do with that almost brand new flute that Gracie used in band class for three years and then decided she wanted to be a volleyball player instead of a band member? I’m open to suggestions   ;o)

1318I’m pretty sure no one lives in THIS house, or at least this picture was taken 5 seconds after the organization project was completed, Maybe I’m not over-reacting, after all.


  1. Linda Fast

    I actually have a friend whose junk drawers look like she organized them a minute before I walked through her door. Her entire house looks like it came out of a magazine. It makes me queasy to think that she can be organized 24/7,

  2. Pam

    I have a couple of junk drawers. They drive me crazy! I’ve tried to organize them, but there are too many categories… Actually, they work for me! Visiting from your link at Katherine’s Corner.

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