Sep 26

I used to be Wonder Woman . . . .

Wonder-Woman-3Or so I thought. Apparently I was living in denial, or perhaps I was delusional, because it has become obvious that I am NOT Wonder Woman. At least not now. I might have been, once upon a time, but I’m beginning to doubt that fairy tale.

But as I look around at all the young moms in my little world (I’m around lots of YOUNG moms, even though I am a VINTAGE mom, because . . . . well, I STILL have rather youngish kids along with all the grandkids), I notice the same thought process about our powers.

We have all been allowed to believe that MOTHER is the same as “responsible for everything, in charge of everything, can fix everything, knows everything, never gets tired, or sick, or ticked off.”

And I bought that fairy tale, hook, line, and sinker (was that a mixed metaphor?) for way more years than I care to admit publicly. Now, however, the truth can no longer be ignored.

I have finally realized, and actually admitted it to myself: I am NOT responsible for every action and reaction of every person in the entire universe; I cannot change the harsh reality of the real world for my children, I cannot fix every broken promise, toy, dream, or heart; I do not know what you are thinking no matter how hard I try, I do get tired (actually exhausted!) from all of the frenzied activity that comes with raising children, and as bad as it sounds, yes, I really do get ticked off on occasion.

When my children are rude, or selfish, or unkind, or disrespectful, it makes me annoyed. No, it actually makes me mad, and I’m over the pretense of acting like it doesn’t. But all of that is to say that I LOVE being a mom (for over 40 years now, with our youngest ALMOST ready to turn 12!); being a mom has been my LIFE purpose and calling; and I truly believe that this journey of motherhood and the blessings of this calling are more important than any other work I will ever do in life.

Perfect MotherBut it is time – way PAST time for me – to recognize that I am NOT Wonder Woman. I put away that tattered blue cape a day or so ago, and it is never coming out again. I fail, I make mistakes, I am not perfect, I even say things that I regret occasionally . . . . but if you are honest, so do you. And it’s OK because as I’ve heard others, much wiser than I will ever be, there is no way to be a PERFECT mother, but lots of ways to be a GOOD mother.

So, today, I’m going to be the best mom I can be, stop looking back at all of my failures, and celebrate the joys of this day. How about you? Want to join me on this journey to the Real World?



  1. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    Stopping by from the link up to say hello. Very inspirational read thank you! xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  2. Diana Stevan

    I felt like adding Amen to your post. It’s so true, as women we’re geared to take it all on. It seems to go with the territory. It’s refreshing and healthy to know that what we try may not be enough at times. We can still try to do what we can to nurture our families, but at some point, we need to accept that there are many things beyond our control. I enjoyed this post. I like your honesty. I also like the badge …”There is no way to be a perfect mother….but a million ways to be a good one.” 🙂

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