Sep 20

In Other Words: Nothing to Steal

 “‎ The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
John 10 :10

It could be my age. We all get to a place in life where, if we’re paying attention, we discover that “stuff” will never make us happy. Besides that, we learn in Proverbs that “poor” people have no need to fear the thief because they have nothing of value that a thief would want to steal! When we begin to understand where true joy in life comes from, then we also recognize that not only can a thief  “steal” our material “stuff,” but if our focus is always on striving for more and more and more “stuff,” that “stuff” actually becomes the thief that “steals and kills and destroys” our joy.

Of course we all need a certain amount of “stuff” just to survive. We need clothing, and a house, and most of us need a car. We need food . . . . but what else do we REALLY need? In the past couple of years, many of us have had to wrestle with that reality in our daily lives. What do we REALLY need? I’ve also learned that the more “stuff” I have, the more work it takes just to keep up with it all! Seems like whatever comes into our lives, whether it be material possessions or people, it all needs to be painted, dusted, washed, fed, read to, tucked in, kissed and hugged, taken for a walk, or driven somewhere.

Now most of that is a good thing – I’m grateful for the people in my life who need to be hugged and kissed, fed, read to, tucked in, helped with homework, driven to this or that activity. But the other “stuff” just seems to take up my time and attention, that I would usually rather spend on doing something else. As time goes by, I’ve waded through a bunch of “stuff” and find that I now have far fewer things that need to be dusted and washed . .  . which gives me MORE time for cuddling up and reading with my girls, going for a walk and holding hands with my sweet hubby, writing all of the words and stories that God has put in my heart, and sewing jammies for the grandbabies (more “stuff” for their mamas to wash!)

When we realize that all of the material possessions in the universe will not make us happy, and it will not give us the joy that we all seek to discover in life, we finally open our eyes to what TRUE joy and abundant living is all about. Jesus came not only to save us from the penalty of our sins and redeem us from the bondage and slavery of our old nature, but He came to provide that which no thief can ever steal or destroy.

Today I chose to rest in His provision of grace, peace, and confidence that if I obey Him and walk in the pathway that He has put before me, even if I can’t see around the next bend in the road, there will be joy. There will also be bumps along the way, and sometimes I have even been known to fall off the edge of a cliff and wander around in the darkness for a while before I find my way back to the light of His love . . . . but what I have in Him can never be found in more “stuff” and it is definitely not something that can be taken away. There is no thief powerful enough to destroy that which He gives!

If you would like to join us today for “In Other Words,” please visit Melissa at her blog, Ingrafted Thoughts, where you can leave a link to your post on this quote and find other “In Other Words” participants this week. Have a great Tuesday, and never forget that His gifts are eternal and cannot be stolen away. Take hold of your gift today!

~~ Nina

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  1. Debra Elliott

    As always Nina, I enjoy reading your ‘In Other Words’. Thank you for sharing.

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