Aug 14

In Other Words: Open the Door to God’s Family

“‎Our children can learn that . . . . the concept of “family” does not rest solely on biology. They can learn that love transcends many artificial boundaries frequently put into place by humans. They can learn that closing one door can open another door and another and another . . . . ”

Caroline Harding, adoptive parent

When I first read this quote, I immediately thought of our family – with eight grown-up biological children and lots of grandbabies, we also have our two daughters adopted from China. Gracie and Annie, now ages 11 and 9, are sisters in every sense of the word . . . . except biologically. It is interesting to me how often I have been asked (right in front of the girls!), “Are they really sisters?” And my answer always is, “Now they are!”

No, they are not biologically related, any more than my husband and I are; or you and your spouse are; or our big kids and their spouses. But they are nevertheless really and truly family. It is also amazing to me how many times I’ve heard people say, “How can you really love a child that is not your own?” Well . . . . they are our own. God brought them into our family, and of course there were no guarantees. But then I don’t recall ever getting any kind of “guarantee” with the kids to whom I gave birth.

But as I thought of the bigger picture, the theological implications and the Scriptural concept of “adoption,” I saw that this quote has far greater meaning than the mystery and the miracle that God brought into our lives through the adoption of our daughters. We are ALL adopted. Every one of us, adopted into God’s family through His love, His mercy, His forgiveness, and His grace.

So when those relationships in this earthly life are not quite what we had anticipated, hoped and prayed for, longed for and sought for with all of our heart and soul, do not be dismayed. Family is right here waiting for you . . . . just open the next door, and the next door, and the next door until God reveals to you that love does, indeed, transcend every artificial boundary put in place by people who do not yet understand. Do not give up hope, and always remember that God’s plan for His family has always included adoption – you and me, we are all family in God’s eyes. Let’s celebrate that gift together!    


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  1. Loni

    Thank you so much for writing on this topic! Adoption is close to my heart too, in a different way, since I was adopted. I am thankful we BOTH were adopted by Jesus! Indeed, what a gift! 🙂

  2. Karen Gillett

    That was really good as usual. I like how you talked about not giving up hope, the family is there we don’t have to be biologically related to be in the family. I never thought of the spouse thing, my husband and I are not biologically related yet we have formed a great family. It comes from the heart doesn’t it. I’m glad God’s plan included adoption.

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