Nov 08

In Other Words: The Power of Love and the Heart of God

“ And why should the good of anyone
depend on the prayer of another?
I can only answer with the return question.
‘Why should my love be powerless to help another?’ ”

~ George MacDonald

This quote reminds me of all of the conversations I’ve had with the youngest of my “Big Kids” about how we engage in discussions with other people on the topic of  how we know that God is real. Well . . . . even though I don’t have any empirical, material, physical “proof” of God’s existence, I certainly KNOW what I have experienced. I think we place way too much value on “proof” in this old world as if just because something is physically here today, that proves that it is “real.” Because tomorrow, or the next day, or the next year, or certainly by the next century, much of what we consider to be “real” will be long gone. Perhaps I’ve read too much philosophy where some of the greatest minds in all of  human history have invested decades of their lives and spilled gallons of ink debating and dissecting theories such as how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. But, in this “real” world, we all have to admit sooner or later that what seems so “real” to us today, is completely different tomorrow.

What is “real” is what is eternal. In my life and yours, there are experiences that “prove” to us that God is what is “really real” because He alone can actually change lives and hearts. I’ve seen it happen and I’ve experienced it in my own life, and no one can deny it or diminish my own experience, even those who trust mightily in the scientific method of hypothesis and experimentation. Some things defy the physical laws of the universe, and one’s spiritual journey definitely falls WAY outside of those limitations.

It is a little bit like gravity . . . . the truth and reality of gravity does not depend on my belief. So, the power of prayer likewise does not depend on my belief in it effectiveness. We see the proof of this truth all the time! And when it comes to love, well, it is simply silly to claim that it is powerless to reach, touch, and change a life. Sometimes logic needs to be part of the equation, even for those who reject any notion of the supernatural grace and gifts of God. Prayer is frequently a fervent reaching of our hearts to touch the heart of Our Father on behalf of another, motivated by a pure and genuine love of another human being. When we see, over and over again, in this our physical life on earth, answers to those prayers that come from a heart of love, we no longer doubt the truth of this reality.

There is much wisdom in the quote by George MacDonald; this is not about “depending” on another human being to “do” something on our behalf, it is about the very real truth that prayer DOES change lives and touches hearts with our love. It is not about the “good” of another person being determined by the actions of another person, but on the all-powerful, all-caring, and all-encompassing love of our Heavenly Father, expressed through our humble prayers from a heart of love as we worship Him for all of His gifts and goodness. That is when lives will change!

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