Apr 30

Inspire Me Monday: Artistic Photos

We love to take photos in our family, which is obvious from the shelves filled with scrapbooks.  I started scrapbooking about 15 years ago while traveling through a dark and difficult period of life. The process of sorting and organizing old photos; the creative therapy of designing beautiful pages with the images and thoughts of another time and place; the satisfaction of completing one scrapbook and beginning a new one, all provided a sense of serenity and security. It also offered an opportunity to create a peaceful, beautiful place for the happy memories that I needed to cling to at that moment in time.

We still work on our scrapbooks, and now we have even more amazing photographs to work with! In the earlier scrapbooks most of the photos are old (some very old!) and the way it used to be with taking pictures, you would snap a picture (and hope you remembered to use a new flash bulb) and then you would have to wait to have the pictures developed before you would know how the picture turned out. And then, if it was a little too dark or lopsided or out of focus, there was nothing you could do about it. So lots of the old photos are less than perfect. But they are still treasured memories and so we use them, even on a scrapbook page that is embellished with perfectly cut letters, coordinating background papers, and matching ribbons, buttons, and bows. Old pictures remind us of a time when life was slower and we sometimes had to wait to for the results of our artistic endeavors.

Since I’ve been doing so much of my work online for the past few years, I’ve learned quite a bit about taking good photos, and I love it that I can edit my photos and create amazing artistic effects with a simple picture of one of my children, or flowers in our garden, or one of my other artsy creations. As it turns out, two of our daughters also love to take photos. Now we have hundreds and hundreds of photos, but all of them are in digital files on the computer. In some ways it was actually easier to get the actual photos in hand to put into a scrapbook when we had to get them developed and printed before we could even see them! I’ve been trying to get a batch of photos printed out every couple of weeks so that they are available for the next opportunity we have to design and create a few new pages in the scrapbook we are working on right now.

Our Gracie has discovered the joy of photography, and she has been taking pictures of herself, her sister, her parents, all of her friends and extended family members, and everything around her in our little world. A couple of weeks ago, when we were visiting our older daughter and her four children, Gracie was running around making everyone “pose” for her latest photographic adventure. Our five-year-old granddaughter, Kyra, loves to pose for the camera ;o) so the two of them had great fun doing their “photo shoots.” The inspiration that I have found in this little escapade is that Gracie is interested in taking pictures of everything, from every angle, in every light, and from every distance.

She loves to edit the photos and make them B & W, neon, cartoon-ized, out of focus, soft and blurry edges, and every other technique she can find on our photo editing program. I guess that comes with youth, before we learn to “color inside the lines.” Or perhaps it is her personality to try everything first and ask questions later  ;o) which is sometimes a scary thing for this mama, but it definitely gives her a creative advantage when she approaches her photography. I’m learning to be a bit more adventurous in my own photography because of Gracie; and I trust that we will be able to encourage her as she considers her options for the future. In the meantime, if I can just get my camera out of her hands so that I can work on my projects . . . . . but first I’ll have to wade through the 5,000 pictures she has taken of herself in the mirror!

If you would like to join us for “Inspire Me Monday,”  please visit “Create with Joy” where you can post a link to your blog post and find links to the other participants. Who knows? You just might make a few new bloggy friends this week! Hope to see you there – Have a great Monday, Nina


  1. Create With Joy

    Dear Nina

    I love your post on scrapbooking, photography and your beautiful daughters!
    I agree that the whole process can be both creative and therapeutic. Thanks so much for joining us at Inspire Me Monday this week at Create With Joy!

    Ramona 🙂

  2. Connie Arnold

    Digital cameras can be such a blessing in a way, but when you want to scrapbook and keep albums of pictures, it isn’t quite as easy. Of course, you can store thousands of photos on your computer or a tiny little drive you stick in your computer, which still amazes me! Love your sweet photos of the children!

  3. Sally

    Love the pictures of your daughters Nina. Great photography.

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