Feb 20

Inspire Me Monday: “Bella” Fiber Art Cuff Bracelet

This weekend both of our girls were not feeling well, after I had been incapacitated for a couple of weeks with the flu and a sore throat, so I’ve had way too much “down” time for this busy mama! I don’t like being sick, I am so impatient with myself, and keep thinking that if I just get up and get moving I’ll be fine . . . . . and then I try to fly around here and get a bunch of stuff accomplished, only to collapse exhausted after about an hour. That makes me crazy, because I have always been a pretty high-energy, active, and driven person. So – here I am, just starting to feel well enough to get back to all those things that have been neglected for the past couple of weeks, and now I’ve got the kids not feeling well.

So, after determining that it was just one of those things that will have to run its course for a few days, giving regular doses of Tylenol, chicken soup, hot tea, and lots of hugs, I was able to sit in the sewing room for a couple of hours and putter around with an idea that had been floating around in my brain for a while. Since I do lots of fiber art work, and I have also worked on art journals, as well as multi-media collages, I thought why not give it a try on a bracelet . . . . and this is the first one I came up with!

I am going to be working on one with a denim foundation, as well as one that is all lacey and frilly in shades of ivory and pink, and I’m sure as I go along I’ll come up with other designs and colors. But the big project right now is embellished prom dresses! I am currently working on one in bright pink that I’m thinking about embellishing it with black beads, ribbons, sashes, fabric flowers, and braid, with silver or white accents.

My first thought was to go with white and silver on the bright pink, but then I thought perhaps I ought to try something a bit more dramatic! And since I’m not exactly a Fashion Diva myself   ;o)  I have to rely on the wisdom of those who know more about what is “in” than I will ever know! I’m open to suggestions if you know what is considered fashionable right now, and in the meantime I will just keep creating the designs that pop into my brain.

It is kind of annoying sometimes to have all this stuff in my brain – really, sometimes I can’t sleep for all the ideas swirling around and then I have to get up and write them down before I can relax. So much for being creative! Some days I wish my brain would just be an empty container waiting to be filled . . . . but then I have no idea what that would be like, so perhaps I shouldn’t wish for it!

It’s just that I can’t remember a time when I was bored or couldn’t think of anything to do, or didn’t have at least 100 “plates” spinning all at the same time – and the challenge of each day is to keep all those plates spinning before they hit the ground. See why it is so annoying to me when I get sick?

I’ll post pictures of the other stuff I’m working on as soon as I get the next one finished. Today I’m going to try to focus on just a few of those spinning plates, and see if I can’t slow them all down a bit. Have a great Monday!



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  1. Create With Joy

    What a beautiful project Nina – thanks for inspiring us this week at Inspire Me Monday! I really look forward to seeing more of your work! 🙂

    Have a blessed week and I hope you are feeling better (we are in the process of getting back on our feet too!)


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