May 13

Inspire Me Monday: Our Daughters

Gracie May 2013We have seven beautiful daughters! This Mother’s Day it was my daughters who are my inspiration. From sweet emails, cards, and text messages, to a lovely family dinner, to this gorgeous bouquet of flowers, my daughters (with Daddy’s help, of course!) brought joy and blessings to my heart.

Raising daughters can be challenging . . . . . all that potential for drama, emotional highs and lows, pouting and whining, rolling of eyes, and growing up way to quickly. Wear this, not that. Eat this, not that. Go here, not there. Do your homework, clean your room, NO you may not trim you hair on your own – there is no end to the constant challenge of keeping them alive long enough to graduate from high school.

But at the end of that part of the journey, our daughters can become our best friends. And if we are fortunate, even a daughter-in-law will become a best friend, too. All in different places in life, all walking their own pathway through life, all becoming the amazing women that God has planned for them to be.

Gracie May 2013 2Is it always easy? Is it always joyful? Is it always smooth sailing? Of course not! But I am grateful that God has blessed us with all of our daughters (and daughters-in-law) who bring so much wonder to our lives. We love you all, and today you inspire me to be the best I can be. To be a better mother, to be a better woman, to be a better friend. I love you! Mom

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