May 22

Inspire Me Monday (on Tuesday): Lots of Little Things

Just as I was getting ready to write my post yesterday morning for “Inspire Me Monday” at Create with Joy, my phone rang. When I noticed that the call was from the school, I did the mental check list that resides in every mother’s brain: did the girls have lunch money, did Annie have her glasses, did they remember to take back their library books, was there a field trip today that I forgot about . . . . and about a thousand other things went racing through my brain.

When I answered the phone I heard the voice of the school nurse. Not to be alarmed, as it is not unusual for Annie to have a little scrape or bump on the playground as she loses her balance quite easily because of her Cerebral Palsy. But this time it wasn’t just a little scrape or bump. She had jumped off of the Monkey Bars and turned around to run back to the school when the whistle blew, and she ran right into a metal post on the side of another piece of playground equipment. Broke off about half of her left front tooth – but she didn’t even bother to tell the teacher. Another student happened to mention it when they came in from recess. Annie wasn’t crying or complaining, and her mouth wasn’t bleeding, just a little bit swollen where she bumped it.

This amazing little girl has a history of taking the bumps and bruises of life in stride most of the time. When other children are crying over a hang nail (as the school nurse put it), Annie just kind of accepts the fact that some days life is difficult and there isn’t much benefit in carrying on about it. But this time, it probably would have been a good thing if she had told the teacher. Once she arrived at the nurse’s office, I received the phone call and immediately went into my Mama Bear mode.

We were able to get her in for an emergency dental appointment where we were told that she will be fine, but . . . . . she needs to have a root canal ASAP (appointment scheduled for Thursday) and then she will need a post and temporary crown next week. I really hadn’t planned on confronting a $1,400 dentist bill so early in the week   ;o)  and I have no idea how we are going to come up with that amount of money to get this taken care of, but I do know this: every step of the way on our journey through life with this little girl, God has provided. So I know that this will all work out and I am doing OK now.

Annie? Oh, she is great! She’s doing much better than me. She is in no pain, and all of her friends at school were huddled around her as we were leaving the building yesterday telling her that she would be fine and they couldn’t wait to see her back in school. From her time in a Chinese orphanage where they expected that she would not make it through another winter, to our 14 hour flight home, through several years of physical therapy and speech therapy, Annie is a trooper. She is my inspiration!

So today I was able to get back to the project that I started yesterday and get some pictures. I have decided to focus more time this summer on creating new craft and sewing projects that can be written up into eBook patterns and tutorials. The first new project that I am working on is a Father’s Day Banner Card. I haven’t figured it all out in my head yet, but just gathering up all of the “stuff” that will be used to embellish this banner card has inspired me to get going.

This is actually how I always start my ebook patterns: first I get all of my supplies together and take some pictures. Then, as I create whatever it is I’m working on, I take more pictures along the way. From there, I just download all the pictures when the project is finished, put them into a Word document and write down the instructions, step-by-step. That’s it! I’ll let you know when this one is ready, should be the first of next week so that if you want to make one for Father’s Day, you’ll have plenty of time.

Have a great Tuesday and I hope you will join us for Inspire Me Monday at Create with Joy  . . . . it is open all week, so even if you are late like me, you are still invited  ;o)

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