Nov 25

Inspire Me Monday: SNOW!


Snowflakes were swirling around us yesterday as we had our family photos taken by our good friend Jolene Kessie . . . . sometimes the snow was drifting down gently and landing on coats and mittens, and even on already frosty noses. But the girls were laughing and having great fun trudging through the brittle golden stalks of now-dead weeds and branches. “Stand over there . . . . yes, I mean over there . . . . I know there is snow on that log, just go over there. Now sit down – yes, sit down there . . . . yes, I know there is snow on that log, just sit down!”

And so it went, with the girls giggling and posing, tripping and falling in the mud and the snow, but we got the pictures taken. For the first time in several years, mostly because of just being busy and not really having the extra money for such frivolous treasures as family photos. But it was finally time, so we made the appointment, and even though it was snowing (at least it wasn’t windy!) and cold, it was a beautiful mostly sunny Sunday afternoon. Perfect for taking family photos.

100_3191Even though it is no fun to be cold (especially when you have to stand out in the cold, trying to look like you are really enjoying yourself, freezing your nose and your toes), it is truly beautiful to see the snow in the woods behind our house and on the lake. Actually, if you think about it, winter (and snow) give us all a great opportunity to slow down and cuddle up with a good book, or have a family movie night, or play games together.

On our little autumn mini-vacation we all learned how to play chess. Well, actually, Mama and Daddy already knew but it had been years and years since there was time for playing games, but we taught the girls how to play and it was really great fun. We will be honing our chess skills this winter, especially when some of the kids come over for the holidays. One of our “little guys” wants to learn how to play chess, so I promised him that the next time he comes to Grammie’s house that we will have a new chess set and we will play together. That’s something to look forward to, especially now that it is snowing and the kids won’t want to play outside as much as the do in the summer.

100_3195-1One of the other joys of winter (and snow!) is that we have more time for working on crafts – and we LOVE to work on crafts together! This sweet little mitten banner was made out of card stock that we painted in iridescent shades of pink, blue, lavender, and turquoise, then embellished with lots and lots of glitter. Can never get enough glitter around here! Then we decorated each mitten with various other designs and punched a hole right in the top so that we could string them up, just like the Three Little Kittens who lost their mittens!

This is a super simple craft to make with kids of all ages. It is inexpensive and adds a joyful touch to your home as you celebrate the arrival of winter (and snow!) So if you are dreading the dark, dreary days of winter, cheer up! Pull out the crayons, the markers, the paint, the glue and of course, the glitter, and make something fun together like this adorable “Kitten’s Tale” banner. I would love to see yours when it is finished!

For the complete tutorial, please visit the “Kitten’s Tale Banner” page right here on the mamas*little*treasures blog. And leave me a comment so I know you stopped by! Celebrate winter (and snow!) and have great fun with your kiddos and your whole family.

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  1. Crystelle

    How wonderful to have snowflakes while taking your family pictures! Can’t wait to see them!!! 🙂
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  2. Create With Joy

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Nina – your project is SO cute!

    We are celebrating our 100th Anniversary of Inspire Me Monday this week at Create With Joy! How amazing is that? Thank you for contributing to its success!

    Stop by and enter our new Chicken Soup For The Soul Just Us Girls giveaway when you have a moment. It’s a book about friendship so I thought of you! 🙂

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