May 14

Inspire Me Monday: What is it?

After working on this play book for one of our granddaughters for several weeks now, I’m still not sure what to call it . . . . it is not really a scrapbook like the ones that we make with photos and other memorabilia; it is not really an art journal (but kind of!); it is not exactly a regular journal (although there are places to write journal entries); it is not a typical cut / color / paste type book; and it is not just an old-fashioned book of paper dolls.  This book is a combination of all of those things, so I’m not knowing really what it is!

I created one of these books a couple of years ago with lots and lots of paper scrapping ephemera and examples of ways to be very creative with a personal journal. Using artistic embellishments on each page, along with pockets, envelopes, scraps of paper, ribbons, fibers, lace, alphabet letters, puzzle pieces, vintage postcards and other images, the book was all in shades of ivory and gold. It was beautiful! I listed it in one of my online shops and it sold right away to another artsy person. Not only did I have great fun creating it in the first place, it offered a variety of ideas and all of the embellishments for the new owner to personalize the book / journal in ways that would reflect his / her personality.

My girls both commented on how much fun it would be to have a book / journal like that so we decided to make a few more of them. The first one we thought we would make is for one of our granddaughters (several of our grandchildren are just a bit younger than Gracie and Annie, so they know about these things!). We’ve been working on it now for a few weeks, and it is almost finished. Of course, there will always be “one more thing” that we can add, or paint, of glue, or sprinkle with glitter . . . . but most of the pages are close to being complete.

I painted the outside of a blank book (bought at Walmart for around $9.00) with a pearlescent ivory / white color. Then played around with painting a tree, sky, and clouds. Then I found some flower and leaf stickers to add to the scene. There is a rose-covered fence on the back, but that isn’t finished yet   ;o)  The inside is filled with pockets of tags and bookmarks, envelopes with paper dolls and clothies, “wardrobe closets” created out of cardstock, scrapbook paper, ribbons, lace, and vintage buttons, and mini-collage pages, all with additional materials to inspire creativity in the recipient of this book / journal.

In between the special pages with all of this “stuff,” are plain pages which have been trimmed with iridescent paint around the edges. Some of those pages also have ribbon trim and Bible verses and other inspirational quotes. Those are the pages that can be used to created new pages of all kinds of “fun stuff,” or they can be used as pages for journaling or photo scrapping. So all in all, this is going to be a book of great creativity, inspiration, fun, and whimsy . . . . but what is it?

If you have any ideas of what we should call this book / journal, please send your suggestions my way! We will be making many more of them for other people in our life, and it would be nice to know what in the world this “thing” is!

We would love to have you join us for Inspire Me Monday at Create with Joy. Simply stop by and leave a link to your blog post about inspiration and creativity, and then you can also find links to the other participants so you can connect with some new friends out here in the blogosphere. Hope to see you there! Have a great Monday, Nina

Inspire Me Monday at Create with Joy



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  1. Angela

    Here are my suggestions:
    Kaleidoscopic of Fantastical Fun
    Journey through Color and Fun
    A Little Girls Dream Book
    My Special Little Journey Book

  2. Create With Joy

    Congratulations Nina – your beautiful project is one of my features on this week’s Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy!

    I am ALWAYS inspired by the things that you do and share and I look forward to seeing what you share this week!

    Many blessings, dear friend, as you continue to:

    Create With Joy

    1. Nina

      Thanks for visiting my dear friend . . . . you are such an inspiration to me, too, with your constant and generous words of encouragement to your readers. I look forward to visiting you often this summer and link up to make new bloggy friends ;o)

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