Mar 10

Is it spring yet?

DSCF1740I heard on the weather report that we might be getting another snow storm in the middle of this coming week. But I’m done with all this snow! It is time for spring, and so I decided to do my part to encourage spring to hurry up and arrive.

DSCF1744In addition to getting my little bloggy home redecorated by my dear friend Katherine from Katherine’s Corner, I am also creating a few new banner cards for my Etsy shop . . . . and I thought that perhaps if I decorate “SPRING” it will actually appear – soon!

Here is a peek at the first SPRING banner card that I created. It is called “Vintage Spring” and it was created using some scrapbook paper stitched onto card stock tags, and then embellished with odds and ends of ribbons, lace, and vintage buttons.

I found the letters on a website with free alphabet letters (I’ll post the link if I can find it again) and printed them off on another sheet of card stock. Stitched them onto the tags and then had great fun decorating each one a bit differently for a little bit of whimsical wishing for spring to show up.

DSCF1745I have this great big jar of old buttons – and some newer buttons that have been given to me by friends who know I decorate just about everything in my life with a button or two – and most of them don’t match or there might be two of a kind but certainly not enough of any one kind to create something that needs all the buttons to match. So I dump them all out on the kitchen table and search for just the right color and size to make these little banners pop with color and texture.

Stitching on paper is quick and easy and it gives a different look to this kind of project. A few years ago I designed and created a bunch of gorgeous book marks by stitching ribbons and fibers onto card stock that had been painted with acrylic paint. The paint gives the card stock a flexible strength so that when you stitch on it, it not only looks pretty but it holds up better than if you were to try stitching on plain paper.

DSCF1746Although I did not paint the card stock to make the tags for this banner, there are several layers of card stock and scrapbook paper so the stitching is quite sturdy for this kind of project, too. For the next banner, I just might try painting again before I start stitching . . . . we’ll see, but for now I’m finishing up another spring banner, and then there are several more just waiting to be all decked out for some celebration or other.

And then maybe a few baby banners . . . . . and of course we’ll make a few Easter banners, and by then it will be time to make summer banners and banners for the Fourth of July, birthdays, anniversaries, autumn, Thanksgiving, winter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and by then it will be next year! So much for my new life of leisure!




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  1. Orange blossom

    Your banner is so cute! Thanks for sharing that with us all.

  2. BeBetsy - Smashingly Good Living

    It’s certainly time to welcome Spring! Thanks for sharing this cute banner on #simplybebetsy. Sharon and Denise

  3. Angel

    This is such a sweet banner,

  4. Pam@over50feeling40

    I love co-hosting with you…such fun, creative ideas!! I think I am ready to pull out the spring decorations!

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