Dec 25

It’s Snowing at our House!

Well, at least it is “snowing” inside the house even though it is sunny, dry, and beautiful outside! We didn’t get a white Christmas here in northern Indiana, but that’s OK because I’m sure we’ll get our share come January and February.

And to get us in the mood to celebrate even after all of the Christmas decorations are stashed away on a top shelf in the garage until next December, we made some snow globes.

This is a fun and easy project (just takes a bit of time to let the paint and glue dry), and snow globes make beautiful home decor items throughout the winter months. I experimented with a few things in the process of creating these little gems (I have a few more to make this coming week), and learned what works and what doesn’t.

As soon as I get the technique perfected, I’ll post the tutorial here . . . . in the meantime, take a peek at how cute they turned out! We scouted around the thrift shop last week looking for little things to fill our snow globes, and I was so excited to find lots of little wintery things that weren’t specifically Christmas. The color theme I was looking for was anything in shades of silver, white, ice blue, pale pink and purple.

We found little snowman candles and figurines, a winter tree with red cardinals (my only concession to the reds and greens of Christmas!), and a charming polar bear on ice skates! We painted the lids in various shades of our color theme and sprinkled them liberally with glitter. I love glitter!

Then we just glued the figurines into the lids. After they were thoroughly dry, I filled each jar with distilled water and a couple drops of liquid glycerine. Then tossed in a few shakes of silver glitter and artificial snow before immersing the figurines attached to the lids into the water.

A couple things I have noticed: I thought that I needed figurines inside to fill up most of the space inside the jar. Thought it might be boring if there was too much empty space! Wrong – so I may look for a couple of larger jars, or a few smaller figurines, or both.

Another thing I realized is that jars with anykind of design on them, even clear raised designs such as a “Ball” canning jar, don’t work as well as a plain, clear glass jar, such as the jar that pickled beets or mayonaise comes in.

Finally, I may need to adjust the amount of liquid glycerine I drop in the water and the amount of artificial snow. Too much of either one and it is just too “busy” with all that glitter and snow flying around all the time!

I’ll get it figured out and when I do, I’ll write it all down in case you want to make a few snow globes to celebrate the joy of winter!

Have a wonderful day and embrace the gifts of the season, Nina


  1. Christena Hammes

    This is awesome!! Can’t wait to try this.

  2. Denise

    That is really precious.

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