Jun 25

Make this Patriotic Freedom Banner to Celebrate the Fourth of July!

Here’s another in a series of celebration banners from Vintage Mama’s Cottage. You can make this beautiful Patriotic Freedom Banner from scrapbook paper and card stock, scraps of ribbons, buttons, and other ephemera you might already have in your sewing room or your scrapbook stash. We found another set of alphabet letters that were just perfect for our patriotic theme from Granny Enchanted, along with several other free printables to add to our collection of red, white, and blue.

This one is super-easy, and you can make it with the kids if you want. Your Patriotic Freedom Banner can be as simple or elaborate as you want . . . . there are no rules, just your imagination and creative spirit! So gather up your supplies and get busy having fun together, making your very own Patriotic Freedom Banner to celebrate America’s birthday!




* Variety of scrapbook paper and card stock: red, white, & blue
* Variety of ribbons: red, white, & blue
* Selection of buttons, beads, charms, or other embellishments
* Alphabet letters, printed from Granny Enchanted
* Glue, scissors, paper cutter


Let’s make it!

Step 1Step 1: To make the pennant shapes, cut one sheet of card stock (8 ½” X 11”) in half. Each half will make one pennant.

To spell the word “FREEDOM,” you will need seven pennants, one for each letter in the word.




Step 2

Step 2: From each of the seven pieces of card stock, cut one pennant shape by cutting diagonally from the center point of one of the narrow ends to the corner of the top of the other narrow end.
Step 2b



Then cut the other side diagonally from the center point on one narrow end to the other corner at the top of the other narrow end.

You should now have a pennant shape that is approximately 6 ½” across at the top and pointed at the bottom.

Step 3

Step 3: Place each pennant on a coordinating color of card stock, leaving approximately ¼” all the way around.

Cut out around the triangle pennant creating a narrow border all the way around.

Do this for each one of your pennant shapes.


Step 4a



Step 4: Glue the top pennant to the back pennant shape, centering it to leave approximately ¼” border all the way around.

NOTE: Only glue the bottom ¾ of the top pennant to the back pennant to allow for the ribbon loops that will be attached to the top of each pennant.

Step 4b


Step 4c

Step 4d









Step 5aStep 5: Cut TWO sections of coordinating ribbon, each one approximately 2 ½” – 3” for each pennant.
Fold one section of ribbon in half; place a dot of glue between the ends and on top of the loop.

Pull back the top edge of the top layer of one pennant approximately ½” in from the outside edge, add a bead of glue along the top edge of the pennant, and slide the ribbon look between the layers.

Step 5b

Do this on both sides of the top of each pennant, placing a ribbon loop approximately ½” in from the outside edges of the top of each one. Press the layers together to secure the ribbon loops in between, and weight down to dry for at least an hour.

You can begin to decorate your pennants one at a time while allowing the others to dry thoroughly.


Step 6aStep 6: While the ribbon loops are drying, print out the letters from the FREE alphabets available from Granny Enchanted.

Cut out the letters you want to use, one for each pennant, and glue them onto a background color if desired.

We used a dark blue polka dot card stock for our pennants, so we first glued each letter onto a matching dark blue solid card stock, and then again onto red card stock, to create a double-frame for each letter.

* To make the half-circle bunting shape, start with a long, narrow rectangle of scrapbook paper. Begin folding from one narrow end, taking small, accordion pleats.

Step 6bWhen you have folded the small, accordion pleats the entire length of the rectangle; you can pull it apart and bring the ends together to make a half-circle shape. This can be glued directly onto one of your pennants or glued onto a half-circle piece of card stock to be used later in your project.



Step 6c


Since we really like the bunting-shape design, we used it on several of our pennants, as well as on the ends of the finished banner (just make two half-circle shapes and glue them together on a piece of card stock for backing).


Step 7


We embellished our first pennant with the letter “F” with a strip of red, white, and blue ribbon across the top, a half-circle bunting shape below the letter with a cut-out from Granny Enchanted on top of it, with one vintage button glued on the top left side of the letter.

Continue embellishing each pennant with one letter and whatever other decorations you want to use. Here are our other pennants:



Letter FLetter RLetter E1Letter E2Letter DLetter OLetter M* We used several different ribbons, some vintage buttons, more cutouts from Granny Enchanted, and a couple more half-circle bunting shapes.

Step 7Step 7: Leave your pennants to dry thoroughly, overnight is best. Weigh down any sections that are not flat with a heavy book.

When all of your embellishments are thoroughly dry and securely attached to each pennant, cut a length of coordinating ribbon to reach from end-to-end of your pennants laying beside each other.

Thread the ribbon through each of the loops to make a banner of all of your pennants.
Leave a length at each end to tie a loop and leave a bit hanging down (because it will look pretty!).


Step 8A



Step 8: Make FOUR half-circle bunting shapes following directions above.


Step 8b



Glue them together onto a circle or square of coordinating card stock to create two circular shapes.

Step 8c



Glue the knots of the looped ribbons to the back of each circular bunting shapes and weight down to dry thoroughly.



When everything is thoroughly dry, hang your Patriotic Freedom Banner from your mantle, or on a wall or a banister in your home. You could also hang your banner outside for a party on your deck or patio, but be sure to bring it inside because wind or rain will damage your beautiful Patriotic Freedom Banner. BAnner 2Have fun making this great Fourth of July craft! We will be making more crafts for other celebrations throughout the year, including birthdays and anniversaries, so if you have any ideas of suggestions for a banner you would like to make, please email Vintage Mama at angelbabiesboutique@msn.com or visit our blog at www.mamaslittletreasures.com

Wishing you a blessed and joyous celebration of our nation’s birthday! ~ Vintage Mama


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  1. Pam@over50feeling40

    Cute, easy, love it! And love co-hosting with you! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Christina

    I wished I was crafty… all I can do is cook! Thanks for the post…newest follower.

  3. Kathryn Ross

    Love your patriotic banner! Vintage patriotic is my summer decor theme. I made a vintage patriotic banner similar to this with my Circle Journal Group last summer but never posted about it. Hmmmm . . . I am inspired to do so next week!

    Blessings as we Blog Hop!

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