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Make your own Patriotic FREEDOM Wreath

DSCF2540-001After playing around with the Red, White, and Blue Patriotic FREEDOM Wreath this past weekend, I was able to get some pictures of the step-by-step process for making it, so here is the tutorial! It is really quite simple, and (can be) quick and easy . . . . unless you are like me and just keep thinking of “one more thing” to add that just might make it really, really cute.

This wreath is made from painted clothes pins on a wire wreath form, with a few painted and / or glittered stars. That’s it. Again, unless you are like me, and want to add more decorations. In that case, I’ve added the pictures of the “extra” stuff that I added, and I’m sure you can come up with your own little “extras,” if you want.

Thanks again to my friend Jenna (she’s the one who did my first ever pedicure!), who shared this idea with me that she got from Pinterest, that came from someone somewhere else, who knows where, but it’s all over the internet. This is just my little “extra” twist on a sweet and simple idea for a Fourth of July craft project. Hope you give it a try and have fun – this is a perfect project to do with the kids because it (can be) super simple  ;o)

DSCF2490-001What you need:

* Wire wreath form

* 97 wooden clothes pins (22 blue, 35 white, 40 red)

* Craft paint (red, white, and blue)

* Wooden or foam star shapes (paint the wooden ones white; we used white glittered foam stick-on stars)

* Small paint brush (you could also use spray paint but we didn’t have any and just used what we had)

That’s it! Unless you want to add the extras, then you will also need:

* Various ribbons in red, white, and blue

* Card stock for printing out the FREEDOM letters

* Glue and scissors


DSCF2491-001Let’s make it!

STEP #1: Paint the tops of the clothes pins with a small craft paint brush.


We “dabbed” the paint on instead of brushing it on, and it helped keep the paint from going down the sides of the clothes pins. (We still had to touch up the sides a bit, but if you’re careful, you won’t need to do that step!)

DSCF2494-001Paint 22 blue, 35 white, and 40 red.


After the first coat of paint is dry, dab on a second coat. We like to use gloss paint so that they turn out kind of shiny, but any kind of craft paint will work.


If necessary, touch up the sides with white paint if the red or blue paint drips down too far onto the sides of any of the clothes pins.













STEP #2: Begin clipping the clothes pins onto the wire form, starting with the 22 blue pins.





Then add five red pins, five white pins, five red pins, etc. in sequence, all the way around the wreath form.

You will need to adjust the placement of the clothes pins as you go around the wreath form to make sure you have room for all of them. Not too close . . . . not too far apart, just enough to fit them all on.

STEP #3: Glue the white stars randomly onto the blue clothes pins. Jenna used wooden star shapes that she had painted white.

DSCF2511-001We didn’t have any little wooden star shapes on hand, and didn’t have time to run to Hobby Lobby, so we found a package of foam stick-on star shapes, in different sizes, at Wal-Mart.

The package had white, gold, and silver stars, all with glitter, with a total of 45 stars in each pack. So, we have 15 white glittery stars on our wreath, but you can put on as many as you want!



DSCF2517-001That’s it! Super simple, quick and easy, and very cute  ;o)

DSCF2540-001If you want to add some of the embellishments that we used, here are the easy steps:

DSCF2513-0011. Print out the pennant shapes (below) to spell out the word FREEDOM (see below).

2. Cut out the pennant shapes.

3. Glue them onto a length of ribbon that will fit across the wreath, from white pins on one side to white pins on the other side.

4. When the pennant shapes are completely dry, glue the ribbon at each end, onto the clothes pins on either side of the wreath.

DSCF2515-0015. To make the medallion, simply cut out a circle of card stock and add strips of ribbon.

6. Cut six strips of ribbon (we used red and blue ribbon with white polka dots) approximately 3 inches long, cut at an angle on one end.

7. Cut 3 – 6 lengths of narrow ribbon (we used red and blue), approximately 3″ – 4″ long.

8. Glue the longer ribbons in the center of the circle of card stock, hanging down off of one edge.

9. Glue the shorter, wider lengths of ribbon in the center of the circle of card stock, each pointing out from the center in all directions to create a circular ribbon medallion.

10. Add a glittered star in the center of your medallion, and glue it on to one of the clothes pins toward the bottom of your wreath.


Print out the FREEDOM pennant letter shapes on an 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet of white card stock, and cut out. Glue to a red or blue ribbon and attach to your Patriotic FREEDOM Wreath. All letters can be found for FREE from Granny Enchanted, where you can find so many other alphabets and digital art kits. Stop by for a visit and tell her Vintage Mama sent you!

FREEDOM Wreath Pennant Letters



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  1. Rachel

    So festive and easy! Love how you alternated the clips. It makes the stars look like they are moving.

  2. Susan - ofeverymoment

    This is so cute and I love the embellishments you added. Thanks for hosting this party – and Happy Fourth!

  3. Pam@over50feeling40

    Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing and for co-hosting with me..it is always a delight! Happy 4th!

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