Oct 09

Meet Klara MeiLin Rose Stephens!

Our newest granddaughter arrived Friday night at 9:15 p.m.! We are so excited to welcome precious little Klara MeiLin Rose Stephens to our family.

Her name is particularly significant to our youngest daughters, Gracie and Annie, as Klara is named after them. Gracie’s full given name is MeiLin Grace, but she goes by Gracie, and Annie’s full name is AnnaMei Rose and she goes by Annie. The girls are so excited, mostly about having a brand-new beautiful and tiny little niece, but the fact that she is named after them is just too special!

We went to see them all in the hospital yesterday and I wanted to share a few of the pictures with you so you can see just how beautiful she is ;o) She weighed 6# 7.4 oz and 18″ long at birth. She is welcomed home by her big brother Dominik and big sisters, Kyra and Liesl.

This is a busy little family, and we are so proud of all of our children and many grandchildren. Welcome to the world, little Klara.

We love you! Grammie and Papa, Gracie and Annie

Papa Doug and Baby Klara

Gracie and the little munchkin!

Annie LOVES babies . . . . especially little Klara!

My baby girl, Erin, and her baby girl, Klara!


  1. Jackie

    Congratulations Grammie and Papa!!! What a blessing a new baby is! GodBless all of you!

  2. Carol

    Congratulations!! She is beautiful!!

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