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Monday Inspiration: TIME

Spring 2014 017-001It is always the same old dilemma . . . . we either have time or we have money. Well, there is the reality that many of us don’t have much of either commodity. Since my JOB was eliminated, I’ve decided to build my own business (more on that later), but in the meantime I’m working on some projects around our home and garden that I simply have not had time to pay attention to for a very long time. Having to get up and out the door first thing every morning makes it kind of tricky to do anything else in life.

I’ve always thought that, even though I have “workaholic” tendencies, I might not be the right personality to be the best “employee.” I loved my JOB and I really liked all the people I worked with, but I always seemed to find myself getting tangled up in the midst of the gazillion projects in my brain, both for my JOB as well as all the other things I was responsible for. All of which worked out OK because my JOB was just part-time . . . . but I guess it was time for me to redirect my energy anyway and launch out on my own.

Spring 2014 006-001I truly do not have a clue how so many women manage to work away from home full-time and not lose their minds! I know that it is necessary in many situations (I’ve done it myself but I’m not so good at it!) but I’m sure that every woman who has a full-time JOB away from home is a better woman than I am!

But that doesn’t matter any more  ;o) because here I am, ready to explore the possibilities of being in business for myself, and praying that God will give me a clue what that means! Having recognized that I love to WORK but pretty much I love to work on my own creative projects, I am truly grateful for this opportunity to have more TIME. Less money, but more time!

Spring 2014 014-001One of the first projects I decided to tackle since I haven’t been able to even think about it for a couple of summers is fixing up our yard and garden. That is a project that I absolutely have to work on in the spring or very early summer, as I don’t handle the heat well at all.

Once it gets to be July, about the extent of my outdoor “work” is helping Hubby with the mowing once a week, and turning on the sprinkler. And if the garden or flower beds need to have a few weeds pulled, I have to do that at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning. That’s it for me once it gets to be over 90 degrees by breakfast time!

Spring 2014 007-001The first part of my yard and garden project was to finish setting up the raised bed garden that I started at the end of last summer . . . . . hoping that I would be able to finish it this spring and actually try to grow something out there! We had two 4″ X 4″ boxes set out last year, so I wanted to get two more.

Once we got those in place (they will still need to be leveled a bit, but at least they exist!), we started the process of putting down brick squares in between the boxes so that we can walk between the boxes and not get all muddy. We also don’t have to worry about mowing the grass between the boxes, either.

Spring 2014 009-001I still have a few plants to set out and I want to finish up with the brick blocks around the outside of the whole garden, but it really is nice to feel like I can finally finish a project! My life has felt like one huge, unfinished project for the past couple of years. I just get something started, and then it is time to leave again. And by the time I get back, I’m too tired to work on that “something” that I got started, so there it sits, for days, weeks, and even months at a time, unfinished. I. HATE. UNFINISHED. PROJECTS!

The second part of this project involves fixing up the little studio where I work on my creative projects. It is a lovely little building, just a few steps from our back door, completely insulated with A/C so it can actually be used year-’round. I need to paint it both inside and outside, but the first thing I wanted to do (a project that I have wanted to do every summer for the past several years and either didn’t have the time or the money) is to create a little raised flower bed on the end that faces the road.

Spring 2014 023-001I found a cute little lattice piece that has three fold-down holders for 6″ flower pots, so I put red petunias in ivory pots. We added a few Hosta plants (they will grown just about anywhere and you pretty much can’t kill them, even if you totally neglect them), put up a hanging basket bracket for the bright red Impatiens, added a barrel at the corner of the studio filled with more red impatiens, and finally I hung up a Welcome sign that has yellow sunflowers on it.

Nothing fancy. Nothing spectacular. But it was a great beginning to a project that has been on my mind for a very long time. This week, we’ll be working on getting the garden finished up, getting the painting started and creating a pathway with more brick blocks in front of the studio.

Time. Such a treasure, such a commodity, that we frequently lose track of how important it is simply to have time to do the things in life that are important to us. What do you like to do when you have the time?

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  1. Cecilia Marie Pulliam

    Time is indeed one of most precious commodities. I do work a full time job, and with the commute, spend 11 hours away from home Monday – Friday. Doesn’t leave much time for other things. However, my husband does most of the housework, shopping and lawnmowing. I do the flowerbeds. I found that getting up at 4 am gives me more productive time than staying up late. So, I manage to keep up with responsibilities, enjoy a good book, publish a book and am now almost done with the sequel to the first. I would love to stay home more. It’s coming, retirement is only a year away.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this transition in your life and what new career you are launching.

    1. Nina

      Thanks Cecilia – I really don’t think I could do all that! Part of my problem is that I really LIKE to do the laundry, shopping, and other housework ;o) Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I’ll be updating my blog with my new adventures so I hope you will stop back again.

  2. Trina

    Love this message and agree wholeheartedly with it. Time is truly one of the greatest treasures we have but also a gift once gone, can never get back. That’s why I so enjoyed the TIME I, too, stayed home with my children. Now when I have this treasure of TIME, I try to use it by serving others, entertaining my friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, reading a good book and being creative.
    I can’t think of a better use of summer time than how you just spent it. What a wonderful garden you will have. So thrilled to have found your beautful blog.

  3. Melissa

    I should have did the raised bed thing right off the bat. Instead my stuff has drowned.

  4. Christie Workman

    Nina – Love this! There is something very powerful that comes from getting connected to nature. Thanks for the reminder. Love the site!

  5. Susan

    Thank you so much, Momma’s Cottage, for the post! I can relate to so much of what you are saying! I hope that your time away from the other workplace gives you time to create, create and create some more! May His blessings guide your hands and ideas!

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